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Bakersfield CA Engines

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When buying a used engine in Bakersfield CA, ASAP Motors has any engine or used transmission you might need. Suppliers for used auto parts in Bakersfield is a fraction of the size compared to the free access you get with the ASAP Motors website. Just click here and get started shopping today!


Before you take the plunge and order a used engine or used transmission, make sure you really need to purchase what you think you need to purchase. Everyday, people will attempt to diagnose their own engine problem and when they get it wrong, it will cost you money. A great example is white smoke coming from the tail pipe. Under most conditions, this is normal for almost any type car on the road. When the car has been sitting overnight, condensation forms inside the exhaust system. After you start the motor, the heat begins to evaporate the water and it turns into steam or as some people call it, white smoke. However, in some cases white smoke can be an indicator of a bigger problem. If you have ever overheated your vehicle, this puts you in danger of blowing a head gasket or cracking a cylinder head. Overheating can be caused by a stuck thermostat, faulty fan clutch, a failed radiator cooling fan motor. Any of these issues will cause the engine to go past normal operating temperature and it will overheat.

If the head gasket fails or you crack a cylinder head, that does not mean you need to replace the engine in some cases. First have a shop do a dye test and determine the damage. SOmetimes by removing a cylinder head, getting it milled and replacing the head gasket will resolve the engine problem. Don’t forget to address the cause of the overheating or you will end up right back where you started with a blown head gasket.

If the coolant gets into the crankcase and the vehicle is run any amount of time, the oil will be contaminated and it fails to lubricate what needs to be lubricated. When this happens, you will need to replace the engine. Lack of proper lubrication will cause crank damage, cam damage and cylinder damage.

Make sure to shop wisely not rushing into the first engine you find. Do some homework on the company you are happy with and always use PayPal or a credit card when giving someone money online.