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Baton Rouge LA Engines

Please complete the following fields to receive bids from vendors with a Baton Rouge LA Engine for sale!

Shopping for used engines for sale in Baton Rouge LA is fun, safe and fast! ASAP Motors has used engine suppliers nationwide that will do their best to get you a used motor while saving you money on your purchase.


Baton Rouge LA is a historical city near the Gulf of Mexico. Baton Rouge is known for its friendly people, great restaurants and outdoor sports like fishing. However, Baton Rouge is not known for having a large selection of places to look for used engines for sale. The fewer people that live in a city means fewer salvage yards and used auto parts stores in the area. Most salvage yards depend on walk-in customers to support the store with shipping parts being secondary for daily sales. Without a big population, it is more difficult for the used auto parts store to make money.

Buying a used engine online is a great alternative from calling individual companies in your area trying to find the used engine for your vehicle. ASAP Motors has a nationwide network of suppliers that will shop your request from a group of companies they have access to giving you access to thousands of companies nationwide.

To start the process, get the make, model and engine size for your vehicle. Then go to the top of this page and enter your information into the used engine request form. Make sure to double check your phone number and email address for accuracy. These are key for the suppliers to be able to contact you about the used motor you are looking to purchase. Once you make your selection, do some background work on the company you are purchasing the engine from. Use resources like Google and the BBB for a good reputation check. Also, never send cash, check or wire transfer. Only purchase using a major credit card, if you do not have a credit card purchase a prepaid Visa from a place like Walgreens.

Make sure to have the engine you purchase shipping to a repair shop in Baton Rouge. This helps to save money in shipping costs and can save you a headache of accepting delivery of a used engine that is not correct or appears to be in poor condition. When the engine arrives to the shop, your ASE certified mechanic can asses the engine before unloading. If it is not correct the shop can refuse delivery. This helps to protect you as a buyer if the supplier takes a tough stance with you on your purchase.