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Hialeah FL Engines

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Shopping for a used engine or used transmission in Hialeah, FL? You search is over! Click here on ASAP Motors, our database is nationwide and you will find the used parts you need at the right price!

Hialeah, FL is a beautiful southern city with charm and great history. However, when you are need to purchase a used engine the results are not going to be so hot. The reason is simple, not much supply and sometimes that creates even a higher price. In a small city like Hialeah, the population is not the same as New York City or Houston, TX. When there is fewer people living in an area, you have fewer cars, fewer wrecks and fewer junkyards. This makes for a nice clean place to live but not so good when you are in the market for used engines.


ASAP Motors has a list of suppliers nationwide that will get out there and track down exactly what you are look for at the price you are expecting pay. The process is simple, fast and does not cost you anything to use. The first step is making double sure you need what you are wanting to buy. Is your engine or transmission really bad? Sometimes a transmission may act like it is going out but in fact it can be resolved without to be replaced. Most vehicles these days use an onboard computer to make the transmission shift properly. And for the transmission controller to work the rest of the wire harness and sensor group have to be functioning as they should. Running a diagnostic with a scanner can offer great insight as to what is happening with your car. The newer vehicles even have a fail safe built in so if there is a failure, the transmission controller will put your transmission into limp mode or even lock out the torque convertor. Limp mode is usually only allows 3rd gear to function. It disables 1st gear, 2nd gear and overdrive. Most people would think the transmission has failed and it could only be a faulty sensor! AutoZone is a great place to get it scanned and the best part is it is a free service they offer.

Once you determine the engine or transmission has failed, simply fill out the request form and ASAP Motors will email each supplier on our list. They will contact you directly with pricing, warranty and shipping information. Take your time and compare each offer, do a background check on the company you pick before purchasing. Also, never send cash, check or wire transfer, this gives up payment protection in the event of an issue. Have the part sent directly to the shop instead of your home. This further helps to ensure your purchase goes smooth, cuts down on shipping and adds an extra set of eyes on the part before it is unloaded. If there is a problem at delivery, the shop can refuse the part before you accept it and puts you in control of the supplier you are dealing with that sent you a defective engine or transmission.