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The Accord has been around since it was first introduced in 1976 and people have been buying replacement engines for them ever since, The first Accord built was a 3 door hatchback design and had a 68 hp engine. It was popular with many American because it was a foreign car and also offered great gas mileage. This body style was made thru 1981 and was equipped with a 1.5 or 1.6 liter engine. The transmission options were simple, a 2 speed automatic, 3 speed automatic or a manual shift 5 speed type.

It did not have major changes until the 3rd generation was rolled out. The car had a complete makeover including the motor and transmission. This upgraded Accord motor was based on the 1.8 liter single overhead cam design. But 2 options were available for the 1.8 engine, The first was carbureted and the other fuel injected. The cost was much less for the carbureted type and the ignition system was different also. The transmission options were a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic.

The next 2 generations of Accord was very similar to each other. From 1990 thru 1997 the car has some different body packages available and trims level differences were available. These engines were all based on a larger 2.2 liter size. This production would mark the introduction of the vtec engine. The intake and exhaust were backwards from the non vtec type and included an extra solenoid that mounts on the cylinder head. The purpose of the Vtec valve was to offer a higher level of performance. This was achived by spraying extra fuel into the engine under heavy acceleration. The 2.7 V6 motor was introduction in 1995 was offered more power on the open road.

The 1998 thru 2002 Accord drivetrain included an upgraded 2.3 liter powerplant. It was at this time when the Accord really started competing with Toyota Camry. Both cars offered a lot of the same features, performance and fuel economy. This generation of Accord offered the engine in a  Vtec or non Vtec type. However, both engine designs are virtually the same with the exception of a few bolt on parts. You can even interchange the non Vtec motor for the Vtec type engine with minor bolt on parts to be swapped. The redesigned 3.0 V6 engine was a very popular addition to the Accord line. This is typical of many types of used Accord engines for sale at many suppliers from our site. If needed, a used Accord transmission can also be located at our site.

In 2003 the Accord finally moved to a 2.4 liter engine. This motor is a total redesign from the rest of the engines. It is widely used in other type Honda vehicles also. The 2.4 motor is built well and had been 1 of the most dependable engines the Accord has ever used. Honda Accord motors are known to be a player in the performance market as well.