Acura CL Engine

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This is Acura CL coupe that belongs to a larger Acura class range that was manufactured by Honda. This model was manufactured in the years of 1996 to 1999 and used Honda engines until it took a break and came back in 2001 to 2003. After the 1995 models went out of the market, the Acura Legend coupe disappeared while the sedan version of the Legend was renamed as the Acura RL. The CL is said not to be the replacement of the legend coupe because they do not use the same chassis and was not manufactured in Japan like the RL. The CL is more accurately based on the Acura TL which came out a year before the CL. You can find used Acura engines for sale at ASAP Motors.



The first generation of this model came into the market in 1997 and was equipped with either the standard 3.0 liter C30A motor that was a J30 v6 variant that gave 200 HP or the optional 2.2 liter engine that pushed out 145 hp. Models that were made in the 1998 and 1999 model years came with a 2.3 liter motor that gave 150 hp. The three types of used Acura SL engines are available for sale and purchase on the internet.  Both of the 4 and 6-cylinder version of the engines came in the premium trim level that, like in other Acura models, was optimized for comfort. The 4 cylinder sister gave drivers the option of three manual transmissions: a 3.0 Liter V6 engine that gave 200 hp, the second one, a 2.2 Liter I4 engine producing 145 hp and a 2.3 Liter I4 engine capable of a maximum of 150 hp. The Acura CL never took market share from Nissan or Toyota in this class.

The year 1999 saw the redesigning of the CL’s sister, the TL. The CL did not see any models made officially for the year 2000 but in March of the same year, a 2000 model was released. This model ran on a 2.2 liter, SOCH series VTEC v6 engine. A type-s model was introduced with a navigation system and this one boasted of 260 hp of power with a v6 engine.  This model came to be used a lot in sporting and racing with one edition of the WRC rally using it in the GT class.