Used Transmissions

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Does your car or truck have a problem with the transmission? Well that is the kind of news no one like to hear. Replacing a transmission is a time consuming expensive issue and it has to be dealt with. Otherwise you have to park your car or trade it in. Trading in a car with a bad transmission is not what you want to do because it will be undervalued and the financial hit will hurt worse than replacing the bad unit. First make sure your transmission has failed and is not something that can be resolved without all of the expense of an emplacement.



There are several ways to determine if your transmission has failed or if it just needs repairs. Most late model vehicles that have an automatic transmission are equipped with a transmission control computer. The transmission computer receives data from the vehicle and shifts the car as needed. Different situations can cause the computer to shift the automatic transmission in different ways. For example, under heavy acceleration, the shift are made longer between gears and firmer if the vehicle is equipped with a sport mode button. The sport mode will firm up the shift pattern and add performance to the vehicle. If all of this sounds complicated, you are correct it is complicated. Any vehicle that depends on so like electric and hydraulic sensors and wiring harnesses like these vehicles do, it is normal to have issues pop up once in awhile. Because the electric system controls the transmission, sometimes it seems your used transmission has failed but the reality is it has no failed, it just needs minor repair performed.

Manual shift transmissions are not as complicated as the automatics on the market today, fewer computers, sensors, clutch packs and no torque converter. With a manual shift transmission, the symptoms are usually very easy to detect. The first sign of a problem would be shifting problems. The gears may grind between certain gears but no others, excessive whining or even jumping out of gear. These are symptoms of bad synchronizers which require the transmission to be removed and torn down,

Once you have determined the transmission does need to be replaced, locating a used transmission is a cost saving avenue to look at. ASAP Motors offers you a free, no obligation service that’s hard to beat. All you need to do is go to the page that best suits the make car you have and fill out the request form. If you have a Toyota Camry and you are looking for a transmission, just go to our Toyota page and fill out the boxes on our request form. Include your VIN if you have it to help the supplier get his quote correct, click send and you are done. It’s that simple!

Sit back and watch as you receive bids from suppliers all over the USA. Review them carefully and compare the information they send. Look at the warranty, shipping and price. Once you have made your decision, make sure they accept credit cards or PayPal. That helps to protect you and offers the safety while shopping online. They will ship to your shop and then you will be back on the road again. Remember to keep your paperwork in order. It always helps if you do have an issue to able to contact and communicate with your supplier in an efficient manner. Happy Motoring!