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Used Ford Engines for Sale

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We will find you a quality used engine for your car or truck at no or obligation to you.

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Ford has long been among the most productive car manufacturers in the world, and many of its models consistently rank as some of the most popular in America. That popularity isn’t unwarranted, either — Ford’s engines are considered to be some of the most reliable on the market.

To find used Ford engines in your area, simply fill out the lead form above and you’ll start receiving quotes within minutes.

Ford engine

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From the quick and compact Fiesta to the racetrack-ready GT to the tough and durable F-150, Ford has a model for any and every driver. Select your Ford engine model below.

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YearModelBody typeEngine Type
1990AerostarMinivan4.0L V6 AWD 4-speed AutomaticGet Quote
1996AspireHatchback1.3L 4-cyl. 5-speed ManualGet Quote
1996BroncoSUV5.0L V8 4x4 5-speed ManualGet Quote
2008F-450 Super DutyTruck6.4L V8 Twin-turbo Diesel 4x4 6-speed Manual 8.2 ft. BedGet Quote
2008MustangCoupe4.0L V6 5-speed ManualGet Quote
2015ExpeditionSUV3.5L V6 Twin-turbo 6-speed AutomaticGet Quote
2016ExplorerSUV3.5L V6 FFV 6-speed AutomaticGet Quote
2019ExplorerSUV3.5L V6 FFV 6-speed AutomaticGet Quote


Item Name

Ford Aerostar Engine

Ford introduction the first generation Ford Aerostar for 1986-1991 to compete with the Dodge Town and Country and the Chrysler Caravan.   The…

Ford Aspire Engine

The Ford Aspire was introduced in 1994-1996 and car the Ford and Kia worked on in partnership. It only had 1 engine offered, a 1.3 liter B3 SOHC that…

Ford Bronco Engine

The Ford Bronco dates back to 1966 as a small compact 4 wheel drive made to compete with the Jeep CJ-5. The full size Bronco was made from 1978-1996…

Ford Bronco II Engine

The Ford Bronco II was built from 1984-1990 and sold as a compact SUV. The initial engine for the first generation 1984-1985 offered a 2.8 liter V6…

Ford Contour Engine

The Contour and the Mystique were built to replace the long running Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz. The Tempo was more of an economy car and came…

Ford Crown Victoria

The first generation Ford Crown Victoria was 1992-1997. The engine offered was a 4.6 liter SOHC Modular V8. The transmission was the same as its…

Ford Edge Engine

A used Ford Edge Engine are easily available and many of them are in great shape. These Ford motors still have years of life left in them and…

Ford Escape Engine

Used Ford Escape Engine can be easy to find with our service. You go to our website and fill out a simple form giving us enough vital information so…

Ford Escort Engine

Ford brought the Escort to market in 1981. By the second generation 1991-1996 sales were strong and moving as Ford wanted. This generation of Escort…

Ford Excursion Engine Engine

The Ford Excursion was introduced in 2000-2005 and was made to out sell the Chevy Suburban. The Excursion offered 3 different engines, the 5.4 liter…

Ford Expedition Engine

A used Ford Expedition Engine  doesn’t have to be a time consuming search.   We help you find any used Ford Expedition motor from salvage…

Ford Explorer Engine

Ford Explorer engines have been around for a long time but finding a good reliable used Ford engine for sale can be tough. ASAP Motors comes in with…

Ford F-150 Engine

Looking for a quality, used F-150 engine? Ford F-150 engine has been in production for years. The Ford F Series truck dates back to 1900 when Henry Ford…

Ford F-150 Raptor Engine

A Used Ford F-150 Raptor Engine can easily be found at ASAP Motors using our fast and simple form. Ford F-150 Raptor engine is the product of twelfth…

Ford F-250 Engine

A used Ford F-250 engine are easy to find with ASAP Motors. We use a form that takes less than 1 minute to fill out that helps you find used…

Ford F-250SD Engine

Used Ford F-250SD Engine in your future? We will help you find any used Ford F-250 super duty motor from salvage yards, recyclers or engine…

Ford F-350 Engine

Used Ford F-350 Engine searching getting you down? At ASAP Motors you can save time and money. Who are we and what do we do? Our company…

Ford F-350SD Engine

Used Ford F-350SD Engine can be found in a snap at ASAP Motors. So just fill out or easy form and find the exactused  Ford F-350SD engine…

Ford F-450 Engine

Used Ford F-450 Engine can be easy to find with ASAP Motors. We use a form that takes less than 60 seconds to fill out that helps you find used…

Ford F-450SD Engine

A used Ford F-450SD Engine can be found at ASAP Motors. Our form that takes less than 1 minute to fill out, and your search goes nationwide for the…

Ford F-550SD Engine

A used Ford F-550SD Engine for sale either from junk yards, salvage yards or other used Ford engine vendors can be more expensive and more…

Ford Fairlane Engine

Debuting in 1955 (1955-1956 first generations) the Fairlane had the option among the 223 CID (3.7 liter) straight-6 engine and a 272 CID (4.5 liter)…

Ford Fairmont Engine

The Ford Fairmont is a compact car introduced in 1978. The Fairmont was successor to the Maverick model and its Mercury counterpart was the Mercury…

Ford Falcon Engine

The first generation of Ford Falcon began in the year 1960 and ended in 1963. According to the American standards in 1960s, it was not a big car and…

Ford Festiva Engine

A used Ford Festiva Engine can be found at ASAP Motors. You can select and discover a range of used motors. Now, you can filter these used Ford…

Ford Fiesta Engine

Looking for a Ford Fiesta Engine? Then you have come to the right place at ASAP Motors. Our form can be filled out in under a minute and the…

Ford Five Hundred Engine

The first generation Ford Five Hundred was introduced in the year 2004.  The Five Hundred Ford models were equipped with 3.0 liter Duratec 30 V6…

Ford Flex Engine

A used Ford Flex Engine can be located at  ASAP Motors . ASAP makes it easy to find used Ford engines for sale using our free service….

Ford Focus Engine

A used Ford Focus Engine have never been easier to find then with ASAP Motors. What are we and what do we do? Well, our company offer services…

Ford Forward Control Engine

  Forward control Ford was a type of truck or van whose face was vertical. These vehicles had their cabs mounted right above the front axle and…

Ford Freestar Engine

Ford Freestar is a seven-passenger minivan manufactured from 2004 until 2007. It was made to replace Ford Windstar which was in the market from…

Ford Freestyle Engine

The Ford Freestyle was produced for the 2005-’07 model years. It was a crossover with traces of SUV, wagon and minivan in its gene pool. The engine…

Ford Fusion Engine

Looking for a low mileage Ford Fusion used engine? Submit your vehicle information with our used parts request form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ford Granada Engine

Originally referred to as Ford Consul, Ford Granada came as a replacement to executive cars manufactured by Ford such as Germany P7 Series and Ford…

Ford GT Engine

Ford GT is a Ford Motor Company produced mid-engine two-seater car, the design of which is inspired from the 1960’s Ford GT40 cars. However,…

Ford LN7

Ford LN 7 was a car manufactured in 1981 for the 1982 model year. It was fitted with a 1.6 L CVH I4 engine. This engine was able to generate 70 HP…

Ford LTD

Ford Motor Company produced Ford LTD cars from 1965 to 1986. There was a range of cars that carried LTD name plate. They started with Ford Galaxie…

Ford LTD II Engine

This Ford LTD II car was the last car built in North America and Australia by the company called Ford Motor Company between 1977 and 1979. Ford LTD…

Ford Maverick

Originally promoted as a subcompact “import fighter”, Ford Maverick was introduced as a compact -2-door sedan in April 1969.And  was…

Ford Mustang Engine

A used Ford Mustang Engine for sale can be located at salvage yards, junk yards, or other used Ford engine vendors when you use our form at…

Ford Passenger Engine

Popularly known as Econoline or Club Wagon, Ford Passenger was launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1961-2011. Based on Ford Falcon, this compact…

Ford Pinto Engine

  The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car produced by the Ford Motor Company for the model years 1971–1980. The engine used was 2.3 litres (140…

Ford Probe Engine

The Ford Probe is a car which first hit the US market in 1988. This was the first generation Probe which retained its existence until 1992. It had…

Ford Ranger Engine

In a bid to give Japanese small pickup trucks some stiff competition, the Ford Motor Company introduced Ranger in 1983-2011. The base model came with…

Ford Taurus Engine

Ford Taurus’s first generation model 1986 came into fruition as an inline four cylinder engine accompanied by automatic or manual transmission….

Ford Tempo Engine

Ford Tempo is a 4 door Sedan or a 2 door coupe car manufactured from 1984-1994. It was the successor of Ford Fairmont. It has two generations of…

Ford Thunderbird Engine

The Ford Thunderbird was introduced in 1955 as a direct competitor to the Chevy Corvette, however, unlike the Corvette it was marketed as a…

Ford Torino Engine

Ford Motor Company produced Ford Torino as an intermediate car from 1968 to 1976. It offered quite a few choices on engines used. The standard motor…

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a compact panel van developed by Ford Europe and introduced in 2002 to replace the older Ford Escort and Fiesta-based…

Ford Van Engine

The Ford E-Series, was a line of full-size vans introduced in 1961 as a compact van and its descendants are still produced today. The Dodge Ram Van,…

Ford Windstar Engine

The Ford Windstar is a front-wheel drive minivan that was produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company from the 1995 to 2003 model years. This minivan…


Search For Used Motors

We will find you a quality used engine for your car or truck at no or obligation to you.

Search Used Ford Engines

Start Finding Used Ford Engines for Sale

While most modern car engines are designed to last for more than 100,000 miles with proper care and maintenance, Ford has an excellent track record when it comes to longevity. Some drivers have even reported lifetime mile counts of more than 500,000.

And, in 2009, Ford introduced its line of powerful and fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines. These engines can be used in many of Ford’s models, including the ever-popular F-150, as well as the Focus, Fusion, Fiesta, Explorer, Edge, EcoSport and Mustang, among others.

Our company provides a locating service that works with a nationwide network of used parts providers to supply individuals with the parts that they need, such as replacement Ford V8 engine, at a fraction of the cost. Anyone who decides to look for suppliers who carry Ford motors using our website will be pleasantly surprised at how simple & easy it really is. The service is free and simply involves filling out one form online. Next, offers will start pouring into your inbox from numerous resources. It is up to you, the customer, to choose the best deal which will include the price of parts, specify whether or not a warranty is included, and where the part is located. If it is local, shipping costs can be reduced as well. On the other hand, even if it’s coming from a great distance, it could still be purchased at a dramatically lower price than a new motor. With the strained economy, people need to take whatever measures they can to save money. Even if they can’t do the work themselves, it’s time to go out and locate their own used Ford engine. An auto shop will install what they have.

Search for your engine online using our free parts locator. If you are looking for used, we can help you find a reputable provider who has a used engine for sale at a good rate, waiting to be sent home to you so that you can get that Ford up and running again. Why run around to every parts shop in town to find the ideal Ford engine for your vehicle? There are high-quality reconditioned motors that are thoroughly examined by a certified mechanic, are covered by a warranty, and are ready to be shipped today. Let us make life easier by connecting you to the Ford engine supplier you need. Save time & get your Ford back out on the road quickly.

Used Ford Engines Frequently Asked Questions

What Ford engine sizes are available?

From three cylinders to 10, Ford engines are available in an astonishing array of sizes for a variety of models.

Here are some currently available Ford engines categorized by size.

  • Three-cylinder: EcoBoost I3
  • Four-cylinder: EcoBoost I4
  • Five-cylinder: Power Stroke 3.2
  • Six-cylinder: Cyclone V6 and EcoBoost V6
  • Eight-cylinder: Boss V8 and Modular V8
  • Ten-cylinder: Triton V10

Which Ford engine is best for towing?

For Ford’s 2019 Super Duty pickup, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V8 engine offers up to 21,000 pounds of towing capacity.

And, for Ford’s 2018 F-150, the second generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost offers up to 13,200 pounds of towing capacity.

Which Ford engine has the most horsepower?

While many of Ford’s engines can be tweaked to achieve impressive horsepower, their 2018 Mustang Shelby GT350 features a 5.2-liter Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) V8 engine that produces a whopping 526 horsepower.

How do I install a used Ford engine?

For most of our clients, we recommend that you have a professional mechanic install your used Ford engine. But, if you’re familiar with building cars and are willing to take on a project, it’s possible to do it yourself.

Before you get started, it may be a good idea to check with a knowledgeable local mechanic to ensure that you have all the necessary parts and supplies.

Popular Ford Used Engine Models

Below are three of the most popular Ford used engine models.

Ford F-150 Engine

As the most popular truck in America by far, it’s no surprise that used Ford F-150 engines are always in demand. With so many engines options available, particularly for newer F-150s, drivers have a lot to choose from. Customers can choose either a V6 or V8 engine for varying levels of horsepower, towing capacity and fuel efficiency.

Ford Escape Engine

The Ford Escape is a surprisingly stylish compact SUV that Ford has been selling since the year 2000. It can tow up to 2,000 pounds, has excellent handling and boasts impressive fuel efficiency. Escape drivers can choose between a few different four-cylinder engines (EcoBoost and otherwise), depending on how much power and gas mileage they’re looking for.

Ford Explorer Engine

The Ford Explorer is a midsize SUV, meaning that it’s bigger than the Escape but smaller than one of Ford’s other popular SUVs, the Expedition. Though it’s certainly capable of taking on some rougher roads, the Explorer is designed with luxury and comfort in mind, from its roomy seven-person capacity to its sleek exterior. Shoppers can choose between three engines, with the most powerful being the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine clocking in at 365 horsepower.

Search For Used Motors

We will find you a quality used engine for your car or truck at no or obligation to you.

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