Ford Fairlane Engine

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Debuting in 1955 (1955-1956 first generations) the Fairlane had the option among the 223 CID (3.7 liter) straight-6 engine and a 272 CID (4.5 liter) V8. 1956 saw the introduction of powerful V8 options, of 292 CID (4.8 liter) and 312 CID (5.1 liter).



In between 1957-1959 (second generation), the new models were introduced. 1958 model came with a FE V8s of 332 and 352 CID (5.4) and (5.8 liter) replacing the previous largest V8s. In the third generation (1960-1961) the full-size Fairlane and Fairlane 500 models were redesigned and the 390 cubic-inch V8 was available as the top-horsepower option. The Fairlane’s fourth generation (1962-1965) models had 170 CID (2.8 liter) six, but as an option, it initially offered V8, with a displacement of 221 CID (3.6 liter) and 145 hp (108 kW); a 260 CID (4.2 liter) version was added later, with 164 hp (122 kW). The Ford Mustang used the same motor and the Ford Maverick.

The 1964 and 1965 Fairlane ranges retained the 260 as the base V8. The 271-horsepower 289 V8 continued into 1964, while a 195 horsepower (145 kW) version of the 289 with a two-barrel carburetor was introduced. The Thunderbolt was introduced in 1964 to incorporate Fords 427 CID (7.0 liter) V8 race engine with two four-barrel carburetors. This delivered 657 hp (490 kW) at 7,500 rpm.

The Fairlane was revised in 1966 at the start of the fifth generation (1966-67). The base model featured a 390 CID V8 and came with 335 bhp (250 kW). In 1967 the Fairlane 289 CID small-block became the base V8, with a 200-cubic-inch six standard, with the 390 CID optional. The Falcon Ranchero and Falcon station wagon were, between 1966 and 1970, identical to the Fairlane versions of the same model.

The Ford Fairlane’s sixth generation (1968-69) saw Ford replacing the standard 289 with the 302 cid in 1968. The 428 cubic inches (7.0 liter) Cobra Jet, delivering 335 bhp (250 kW) was introduced in 1969 as a competitor for Plymouth’s Road Runner. You can still find used Fairlane engines for sale but you do have to look around.

The Ford Fairlane appeared in 1970 (seventh generation) for the last time. The straight six-cylinder was the economy power, while largest engine was now a 429 cu in (7.0 liter) with four-barrel carburetor and 360 bhp (270 kW).

For 1971, the Falcon and Fairlane 500 names were dropped and all intermediate models took the Torino name using similar engine. All used engines of the different generations of Ford Fairlane are available for sale at reasonable price.