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Founded in 1937, Toyota has utilized advanced quality control processes from the beginning. Today, Toyota among the top 10 companies in the world by revenue, and is universally known for its consistently thoughtful innovation.

Toyota Motor Corporation is a car manufacturer headquartered in the city of Toyota, Japan. The town formerly known as Koromo, populated by nearly half a million people, changed its name to honor its biggest employer.

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Our network of used Toyota engine suppliers is ready to compete for your business. Complete the clearly marked fields on our easy to use used engine locator too and experienced recycled motor sales reps from all over the country will contact you for free immediately. You don’t even have to answer the phone if you’d like interested bids sent to you by email or text. Search by location and find an affordable used Toyota engine in your local area now!

We offer Toyota engines for sale by hundreds of experienced suppliers from coast to coast who want to give you the best deal at no obligation. Compare and save more than ever before from helpful businesses who can match the exact year, make and model Toyota motor that you need. Their own live representatives will help you with warranty information and any other requirements you may need including cleaning, pre-testing and certificates. Only our national network of suppliers (Automotive Recycling Facilities) will locate recycled engines and ship under our warranty. You will have access to used Toyota engines from more than 1 place. A popular request is a Toyota Camry engine for sale. You see the value of a used Toyota Camry engine is great because of the money save vs a rebuilt Camry engine.

At ASAP Motors & Transmissions, we’ve made the big job of finding replacement Toyota engines safe and easy for everyone. Call 1-888-221-1440 and speak to one of our own live representatives for an instant price quote and advice on making the right decisions. We will walk you through the entire process and remind you about those inspection and shipping details that you might not remember. Then just fill out the forms online and wait for the emails to pour in. Our selection of used Toyota motors includes dozens of models throughout decades of manufacturing years. Count on finding used or rebuilt engines for and more in whatever condition you need. Aside from our shipping warranty and advice, suppliers offer their own extended warranties and specific advice on how to handle and install your shipped engine. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), we will find you an engine that meets your requirements regardless of mileage and any other conditions that affect the best price. Act now, they are all competing for your business and want to offer you the best price and service today.

YearModelModel TypeEngine Size
1985Corolla GT-SHatchback1.6L 1587CC l4 GAS DOHCGet Quote
1983Celica SupraLiftback Coupé2.4L 2366CC l4 GAS SOHCGet Quote
1975Celica STConvertible2.2L 2189CC l4 GAS SOHCGet Quote
1993Supra TurboLiftback Coupé3.0L 2997CC l6 GAS DOHC TurbochargedGet Quote
1985MR2Coupé1.6L 1587CC l4 GAS DOHCGet Quote
2000TundraTruck3.4L 3378CC V6 GAS DOHCGet Quote

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Item Name

Toyota 4Runner Engine

Toyota 4Runner engine can be found at ASAP Motors. After you fill out our easy search form, just sit back watch the information and quotes come…

Toyota Avalon Engine

The Toyota Avalon was first sold in the USA in 1995. It used the 1MZFE 3.0 liter V6 that powered the Toyota Camry. The Avalon was made as a…

Toyota Camry Engine

Looking for a used Toyota Camry engine can be overwhelming sometimes. While the typical Camry engine can last for well over 100,000 miles, eventually…

Toyota Celica Engine

The Toyota Celica has around sold around the world for years. In 1981 they introduced the 22R 2.4 liter engine. This engine had been used in other…

Toyota Corolla Engine

The Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1966 and is still in production today. Starting in 1984 Toyota was really making improvements. It was available…

Toyota Echo Engine

The Toyota Echo has been made since 2000 up to 2005. Toyota has used the Echo bade and the Toyota Yaris badge as well. The Echo has a 1.5 1NZFE…

Toyota FJ Cruiser Engine

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been a success since its debut in 2005. Toyota used a very solid 4.0 lite 1GR-FE V6 engine to power this retro looking SUV…

Toyota Highlander Engine

The Toyota Highlander debuted in 2000 and stayed with the first generation design until 2008. The Highlander had 2 engine options, the economy…

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been in production since 1951. In 1980 the 60 series was designed to compete in a more modern market. Toyota used an…

Toyota Matrix Engine

Toyota introduced the Matrix in 2002. The engine used in the Toyota Matrix was a 1.8 liter 1ZZ DOHC motor, the same motor offered in the Toyota…

Toyota MR2 Engine

Toyota started delivering the Toyota MR2 in 1985-1989 for the first generation. The design is a mid-engine car that had a 4AGE 1.6 liter and later in…

Toyota Paseo Engine

The Toyota Paseo was sold starting in 1991-1996 as a compact economy car. The first generation car used a 1.5 liter 5E-FE motor that had 93 hp was…

Toyota Previa Engine

Toyota rolled out the Toyota Previa back in 1990-1997 as an aggressive jump into the mini-van market. The engine used in the Previa was a 2.4 liter…

Toyota Prius Engine

The Toyota Prius has been around since 1997 as a hybrid but was not in the US market until 2001. The first generation used a 1.5 liter 1NZF gasoline…

Toyota RAV4 Engine

The Toyota RAV4 is the first compact crossover made in Japan and started sales in the US in 1996-1999. The first engine was the 2.0 liter 3SFE but…

Toyota Sequoia Engine

The Toyota Sequoia first generation is 2001-2007 and is made from the Toyota Tundra and also to fill the gap between the Toyota 4Runner and the…

Toyota Sienna Engine

The Toyota Sienna minivan was made to replace the Toyota Previa in 1998-2003. This first generation Sienna used a 3.0 liter 1MZFE engine and the only…

Toyota Solara Engine

The Toyota Solara is a spin off from the Toyota Camry sedan. It was made for a buyer who wanted more of a sporty car and stay in the same class as…

Toyota Supra Engine

The Toyota Supra came to market in 1978-1981. Toyota used the Celica as a platform but made the Supra larger to accommodate the in-line 6 cylinder…

Toyota T100 Engine

The Toyota T100 first production ran from 1993-1998. The engines used by Toyota for the new truck were a 2.7 liter 3RZ DOHC 4 cylinder and a 3.0…

Toyota Tacoma Engine

The first generation Toyota Tacoma spanned from 1995-2004. Toyota used 3 engine types for the production vehicle. The 1st was the 2.4 liter 2RZ, a…

Toyota Tercel Engine

Toyota built the Tercel as a subcompact car to appeal to diverse market. Starting with the second generation Tercel made from 1982-1987 Toyota only…

Toyota Truck Engine

The Toyota Pickup really got an increase in performance for the 1984-1995 years. The 1984 version came with a 2.4 22R carbureted engine for a 2.4…

Toyota Tundra Engine

The Toyota Tundra first model came to market in 200-2006. Toyota offered 3 engines for this vehicle, the 3.4 liter 5VZ V6, the 4.0 liter 1GR V6 and…

Toyota Venza Engine

The Toyota Venza is built from 2009-present here in America and is a mid-size crossover SUV. For 2009-2010 Toyota offers a 2.7 liter 1AR 4 cylinder…

Toyota Yaris Engine

The first generation Toyota Yaris for the US hit dealerships in 2006-2012. The engine is a 1.5 liter 1NZFE design and is very economical. The Yaris…

22RE Engines

We take the hassle out of buying a good used 22RE engine. We make the process fast, simple and no cost to you. Our used engine search engine does all…

Search For Used Motors

We will find you a quality used engine for your car or truck at no or obligation to you.

Toyota’s vehicles are hailed for their superior reliability, exceptionally long lifespans and high resale values. Toyota produces a wide variety of engines, including those that are four-cylinder, six-cylinder, diesel-powered, turbocharged, hybrid and more. With its 1997 introduction of the Prius, Toyota became the first company to mass-produce vehicles equipped with hybrid electric engines

Another major selling point of Toyota engines is their durability: With proper care and maintenance, many Toyota engines are capable of running for an astonishing number of miles. Most notable is the Toyota Tundra that famously clocked more than 1,000,000 miles with its original engine and transmission.

Used Toyota Engines Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Toyota engine number?

Unlike some other car manufacturers, Toyota doesn’t stamp its engine numbers in one specific place across all vehicles. So, if you’re trying to find your engine number, Toyota recommends referring to your owner’s manual and going to the “Specifications” section. There, you’ll find a photo revealing the relative location of your engine number.

Which engine oil should I use in my Toyota engine?

According to Toyota, all models produced prior in 2009 or earlier came with conventional oil. All models produced in 2010 or later, however, vary: Some may use conventional oil while others may use synthetic oil. To determine which one you should use, turn to the “Specifications” sections of your owner’s manual.

If you’re using conventional oil but want to switch to synthetic oil, Toyota specifies that your new synthetic oil must have the same weight as your previous conventional oil.

Finally, don’t forget to change your oil every 5,000 miles or six months, depending on which comes first. This will go a long way toward extending the lifespan of your engine.

Which Toyota engine is the best?

Since this is a subjective question, the answer will vary based on what you’re looking for. Are you seeking fuel economy, towing capacity or acceleration?

However, there are a few Toyota engines which are particularly celebrated. For example, Car and Driver named 4AGE inline-four (I4) as one of the best naturally aspirated engines of all time, thanks to its potent combination of torque and efficiency.

Which Toyota engine is most reliable?

Virtually all Toyota engines are praised for their excellent reliability. If you’re looking to find the most reliable Toyota engine possible, you’ll need to look at the most reliable Toyota models overall. All of the following models are ranked by U.S. News & World Report as some of the most reliable cars available:

  • Toyota Camry: Features a variety of engine options, including four-cylinder, V6 and hybrid engines.
  • Toyota Yaris: Yaris models are available with several four-cylinder engine options.
  • Toyota Sequoia: The new Sequoia only has one engine available, but it packs a punch: The 5.7-liter V8 engine boasts 381 horsepower.
  • Toyota Tundra: Owners of new Toyota Tundras can choose between two powerful V8 engines, featuring 381 and 310 horsepower respectively.

Popular Toyota Engines Models

Here are three of the most popular used Toyota engines.


Although the Matrix was discontinued in the U.S. in 2013, it still remains a popular car for many drivers. This compact hatchback received positive reviews from many publications, and boasted impressive reliability and safety, especially for its class. All Matrix cars have attracted customers with their excellent mileage: For example, the 2004 model achieved a whopping 36 miles per gallon. For the most recent 2013 model, drivers could choose between engines offering either 132 or 158 horsepower, with older models offering similar power.


Whether we’re talking about the Tacoma or the Tundra, Toyota manufactures powerful truck engines beloved by many. Both the Tundra and the Tacoma been named as Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year multiple times, and both models feature engines with outstanding towing capacity. The 2019 Toyota Tundra boasts 310 to 381 horsepower, while the 2019 Toyota Tacoma offers 159 to 278 horsepower.


First introduced as a compact car in the 1980s, the Camry is now a mid-size car with a solid reputation for reliability and versatility. Recent Toyota Camry models can be equipped with either inline-four (I4) or V6 engines, while older models used a variety of engine types.

The 2018 Camry’s many awards and accolades include:

  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick when equipped with LED headlights.
  • Five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Best Resale Value Award from Kelley Blue Book.
  • Winner of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Midsize Car for the Money, Best Midsize Car for Families and Best New Cars for Teens, as well as a No. 1 ranking in the midsize car category.

Search For Used Motors

We will find you a quality used engine for your car or truck at no or obligation to you.

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