Toyota MR2 Engine

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Toyota started delivering the Toyota MR2 in 1985-1989 for the first generation. The design is a mid-engine car that had a 4AGE 1.6 liter and later in 1987 a supercharged 4AGZE motor. The car came out about the time of the Pontiac Fiero but was a much better build car. The 4AGE engine was a straight 4 cylinder engine with dual overhead cam, four valves per cylinder and used Denso electric port fuel injection with T-VIS or variable intake geometry. This is the same power plant used in the Toyota Corolla which had good feedback from consumers. With only 112 hp the MR2 was still faster than the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiat X1/9 doing a ¼ mile in the 16 second range. The transmission was a factory 5 speed or an optional 4 speed automatic.



In 1987 Toyota offered the supercharged version 4AGZE motor but eliminated the T-VIS. The engine used a Roots-type supercharger and Toyota purchased the intercooler from Denso. Because the engine was supercharged, the compression had to be lowered to 8:1 but the horsepower increased to 145 hp which was a big jump for the small light chassis. The supercharger had an electromagnetic clutch just like an ac compressor so it would only engage when needed. The upgraded transmission, supercharge and stiffer springs added to the curb weight.

From 1989-1999 the MR2 was a total re-design with a different drivetrain. Toyota offered the 3SFE 2.0 DOHC engine, the 3SGE DOHC 2.0 liter engine and the 3SG-TE turbocharged motor. The 3sfe motor was used in the Toyota Camrywith great success and the 3SGE was used in the Toyota Celica. The 3SGE-TE was used in the MR2 and Celica only. The Celica did have an optional AWD system that offered great handling but added a large amount of curb weight to the car.

The last generation from 1999-2007 the MR2 was available as a convertible. The engines used were the 1ZZ 1.8 liter Corolla motor and the 2ZZ 1.8 liter high output Celica motor. The GTS version offered a 6 speed standard transmission as an option.