Toyota Camry Engine

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Looking for a used Toyota Camry engine can be overwhelming sometimes. While the typical Camry engine can last for well over 100,000 miles, eventually you may need to get a new one due to mechanical failure. Using the ASAP Motors service, you can locate used Camry hybrid engines to replace your motor and get back on the road fast.



The Toyota Camry really came to life in 1982. The motor was a 1SE front wheel drive 1.8 liter. The Camry was built to be under the Toyota Cressida in size and cost. The car ran very well but was lacking in power. It was however shipped all over the world. The car stayed basically for its first generation thru 1986. The Camry engine had it’s first re-design in 1986 that was really groundbreaking.

In 1987 the Camry was redesigned. It now had a 2.0 lite DOHC 3SFE engine. The engine stayed the same thru 1991 with the exception of the flywheel bolts. The changed the engine is 1989 and went to an 8 bolt flywheel instead of a 6 bolt flywheel. Some people get the 2.0 lite DOHC motor confused with the Toyota Celica 2.0 lite 3SGE. A good visual difference is the 3SFE has 1 timing gear and the 3SGE has 2 timing gears. In 1992-1993 Camry had an optional 2.0 3VZ DOHC engine to help compete with other automakers like the Ford Taurus as a mid-size passenger car. This motor Toyota Camry used really put it in the market place.

In 1992-1998 engine stayed true to the 2.2 liter 5SFE engine design. It was strong and dependable. To help improve power and gas mileage, in 1996 they changed the engine to use a crank sensor but kept the distributor in the cylinder head. Then in 1997-2001the 5SFE 2.2 liter motor used a coil pack and the distributor was eliminated. In 1994-1997 the 3.0 V6 liter engine has a SOHC design instead of its predecessor with a DOHC design. Then in 1998-2000 it used the same 3.0 1MZ engine that was in the Toyota Solara.

In the next generation the Camry got an engine makeover and received the 2.4 lite 2AZ liter motor or the 3.3 liter engine that is used in the Toyota Avalon. This stayed consistent thru 2006. Then finally in 2006-2011 the Camry received the largest engine ever, the 3.5 liter 2GR with a 6 speed automatic transmission. The 2.4 2AZ was still offered but at a lessor price.