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The Audi is a nice luxury motor vehicle, as prime example of German engineering. As with all cars, they do suffer from mechanical problems from time to time and if money is tight you are looking for cheap transmissions for sale. Audo transmissions can be expensive to work on or replace. Your Audi may be experiencing a major issue and need a replacement transmission. Since a transmission is a major part of the car’s engine, it has to be replaced. How you locate a use transmission that is guaranteed to work is another thing that is sure to cause a dilemma. You may find a transmission at a salvage yard or junk yard, but the part will not come with a warranty. Unless you have the equipment to test it you won’t know if it’s in good working order until you retrieve it and attempt to have it installed and that’s likely to be several hundreds of dollars later; too late to spare you a waste of mechanical fees.



You can, however use to internet to shop for the part instead. By entering your car part needs, your name and contact information, less than 1 minute of your time, you’ll have notified hundreds of automobile recycling facilities of your need for a Audi transmission. With one-stop shopping you send out a request to multiple automobile recyclers. Several of the recipients of the request will be in a position to offer you used Audi transmissions.

They will contact you by phone of email. You determine how you want to be reached by specifying your preference in the auto part request. You soon be receiving notices of used Audi transmissions for sale. These notices will list the price, any applicable warranties and the location of the facility. Based on your needs, you can select the transmission you would like to purchase.

You’ll be able to compare transmission prices, warranties and to decide how far you are willing to travel to pick up your new replacement transmission. Prioritize the parameters of your decision based on what’s most important to you. If it’s price versus warranty or warranty versus location, the decision is entirely yours. The location service is free and you are under no obligation to buy any of the transmissions offered to you for sale.

Select from the replacement Audi transmissions based on your criteria alone. You be able to buy with complete confidence knowing that every recycling facility in the network tests its auto parts and/or refurbishes them before reselling them. So you can be certain your transmission works well before you pay for it and start the replacement process.


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