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Used BMW Engines

Locate Used BMW Engines

Ever since its inception in the early 20th century, German motor company BMW has been producing luxury cars that are as beautiful as they are high-performing. With a rich history that reaches all the way back to the first World War, BMW is a truly iconic automaker.

To locate used BMW engines near you, fill out the lead form above and start receiving quotes from reputable sellers in just minutes.

Used engine

Used BMW Engines For Sale

Used BMW engines and BMW transmissions in good condition can be hard to find, but with our engine locator tool, we bring BMW salvage yards and used BMW motor vendors to you with just a few clicks. ASAP Motors allows you to fill out a simple form to locate used BMW engines and used BMW transmissions. After you fill out the motor locator form, the suppliers of the BMW motor for sale requested will contact you directly.

We can help you locate motors for the BMW 318i, BMW 530i and the BMW 740i just to name a few.  Used engine suppliers will contact you through either email or phone, whichever you prefer. This allows you to carefully consider each used engine being offered for sale, and if you don’t want any of the offers, then there is no requirement to buy them! Sometimes, finding a replacement BMW motor can be hard to do, but starting with our free engine locator tool will set you on the right path & we will do our best to find you a high-quality BMW engine for your vehicle.

YearModelBody typeEngine SizeGet Quote Link
19907 SeriesSedan3.4L 6-cyl. 4-speed AutomaticGet Quote
19913 SeriesSedan1.8L 4-cyl. 5-speed ManualGet Quote
1996Z3Convertible1.9L 4-cyl. 5-speed ManualGet Quote
20003 SeriesCoupe2.5L 6-cyl. 5-speed ManualGet Quote
2002Z8Convertible4.9L V8 6-speed ManualGet Quote
20035 SeriesSedan2.5L 6-cyl. 5-speed ManualGet Quote
20067 SeriesSedan4.8L V8 6-speed AutomaticGet Quote
2010Z4Convertible3.0L 6-cyl. 6-speed ManualGet Quote

Convertibles, coupes, sedans, sports activity vehicles (SAVs) … BMW has something for everyone (and that’s not including its range of motorcycles and racecars). Select your BMW engine model below.

Item Name

BMW 128i Engine

Should you need to replace your 3.0 L inline-six in your 128i, ASAP Motors can get you in touch with the sellers that have what you need, at a…

BMW 135i Engine

The 135i whisks the occupants from 0-60 in just over six seconds, thanks to the fact that it uses the same 300 hp inline-six that the 3 series…

BMW 1800 Engine

These engines are fantastic examples of M10 engines that can produce power economically. They were originally produced by BMW between 1964-1971 for…

BMW 2002 Engine

The BMW 2002 is a part of the iconic “New Class” of compact sedans that turned the German automaker’s fortunes and firmly…

BMW 2500 Engine

If you have a classic 2500 sedan from the late 60s or early 70s that needs an engine replaced, we at ASAP Motors can help you.  Perhaps you need…

BMW 2800 Engine

The 2800 series in the late 60s and early 70s featured a larger straight six than the 2500 series. It generated a maximum 168 hp and 174 lb-ft or…

BMW 3 Series Engine

The final step in solidifying your skill as a mechanic is to take on completely installing a new engine, and there is no better engine to hone your…

BMW 318i Engine

The 318i was first manufactured for the 1982 model year. In 1996, BMW switched to a 1.9 L engine from the previous 1.8 L inline-four. Both achieved a…

BMW 320i Engine

The 320i has a long and storied history in the United States. When it was first introduced in the U.S. in 1977, it had to be modified to meet safety…

BMW 323i Engine

The 323i has featured a number of engines through various generations. For example, if you’ve got a 2000 model 323i, the 2.5 L engine is a…

BMW 325e Engine

What makes the BMW 325e stand out from its other E30 counterparts is the choice of engines available. From 1982 to 1988, the 325e featured a fuel…

BMW 325i Engine

Whether you are replacing the venerable M20 engine used in the 325i in the eighties and nineties, or one of the other Bavarian Motor Works engines,…

BMW 328i Engine

Replacing your BMW 328i engine is simple and straightforward with our innovative approach. Fill in the model year along with the requested…

BMW 330i Engine

The 2000-2006 330i, 330Ci, and 330xi feature the largest of the M54 engines. The M54B30 is an inline-six capable of producing 230 hp and 220 lb-ft of…

BMW 335i Engine

If your 335i is a 2007-2010, you’re looking to replace the N54 engine. This twin-turbo engine is rated at a maximum of 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of…

BMW 524TD Engine

The BMW 524td made less noise than any other BMW in its day which is surprising for the notoriously loud diesel engine. BMW produced the 524td in…

BMW 525i Engine

If that 525i engine needs replacing, let us at ASAP Motors put the power of the Internet to work for you. We are able to quickly gather together…

BMW 528e Engine

Throughout the 1980s, BMW made strides towards making its vehicles cleaner burning, and more fuel-efficient. The BMW 528e played a notable role in…

BMW 528i Engine

Purchasing a used engine is about more than finding the best possible deal available. Although fair prices are an important part of any automotive…

BMW 530i Engine

At ASAP Motors, we can help you find the replacement engine that you need for your 2006 or 2007 BMW 530i. Or, perhaps you have the all-wheel-drive…

BMW 533i Engine

BMW’S 533i In the early 1980s, BMW responded to customer complaints about the performance of the 528i. The result was an exclusive 533i North…

BMW 535i Engine

The 5 series BMWs debuted in 1972, and they are now in their sixth generation. The 535i has almost enjoyed as long a history, since it first arrived…

BMW 535i GT Engine

 If you are looking for a replacement engine for your late model Gran Tourismo BMW 535i, ASAP Motors can help. We’ve harnessed the power of the…

BMW 540i Engine

Replacing your BMW 540i engine is easier than ever with our approach. Simply submit the year, engine model, type of transmission, and whether it’s…

BMW 545i Engine

If you have a BMW 545i that needs an engine replaced, look to our innovative approach, where sellers compete for your business. Everything is simple…

BMW 550i Engine

ASAP Motors offers a price-competitive, quick way to replace your 550i engine. We’ve harnessed the power of the web to efficiently match buyers with…

BMW 550i GT Engine

The 550i in the Gran Tourismo series is the eight-cylinder “big brother” to the 535i GT, with its inline-six. Perhaps you have the most recent…

BMW 630i Engine

The 630 CSi is often a sought after 70s era 6 series, in part because it was manufactured for just two years. The 1977 and 1978 630 CSi coupes…

BMW 633i Engine

From 1978 to 1984, Bavarian Motor Works sold the 633 CSi in North America. The inline-six in this particular 6 series BMW is capable of 197 hp and…

BMW 635CSI Engine

Background Information About BMW 635C-Si Engines: These high-quality built engines are one of several four-stroke engines that were produced by BMW…

BMW 645i Engine

If you need a replacement engine for your 2004-05 BMW 645i, we at ASAP Motors can help you find the engines that are available across the country….

BMW 650i Engine

The BMW 650i comes with the most powerful of the 6 series engines. The 4.8 L eight-cylinder power plant is capable of 360 hp and up to 360 lb-ft of…

BMW 733i Engine

If you’ve got one of the BMW 733i luxury vehicles produced between 1977 and 1984, you own a vehicle that was truly ahead of its time in a number of…

BMW 735i Engine

The BMW 735i was one of several models within the German automaker’s flagship 7 Series line. The 7 Series itself serves as the successor series…

BMW 740i Engine

The E38 740i was well known as the midlevel model within the flagship 7 Series. Unlike previous models, the E38 7 Series featured an eight-cylinder…

BMW 745i Engine

Prior to the introduction of the V8-powered 740i, BMW offered the 745i as the top-tier model within the vaunted 7 Series line. However, the 745i was…

BMW 750i Engine

BMW’S 750i ENGINE BMW introduced the 7 series in 1977 and has continued the line for 5 generations. The general design and of each engine…

BMW 760i Engine

From 2002 to 2006, the 760i served as the German automaker’s flagship model, offering buyers of the large executive sedan the ultimate in…

BMW 850i Engine

The BMW 8 series topped the BMW lineup as the biggest, most powerful car sold by the company. The 840 models came with a V8 engine and was sold from…

BMW L6 Engine

BMW began producing the E-24 6 series coupes in November 1975 and ceased manufacturing the vehicles in April 1989. Called the ‘Bavarian…

BMW M3 Engine

The BMW M3 series of cars raises the performance of the traditional BMW 3 series. The engine responds quicker and with more power. The car handles…

BMW M5 Engine

BMW built the 5 series of automobiles for executive use in business. It is larger than a large family car. In the M5 series, they upgraded the…

BMW M6 Engines

The M6 is well known for its elegant yet aggressive styling, the amount of luxury equipment it offers, and its impressive performance gifted by its…

BMW X5 Engine

Your X5 may be equipped with the 300 hp inline-six or the 4.4 L big V-8 that is capable of 400 hp. Whichever engine you now need to replace,…

BMW X6 Engine

BMW is a producer of high-performing, long-lasting vehicles. Those vehicles are powered by engines that are held to these same standards. The…

BMW Z3 Engine

Beginning in 1995, the Z3 Roadster was produced for seven years at the upscale BMW plant in South Carolina. A variety of engines were offered, from…

BMW Z4 Engine

High-quality engines are a sum of their parts, backed by a supplier that checks the condition and quality of their parts. For this reason, shopping for a…

BMW Z8 Engine

The BMW produced the Z8 roadster for just four years, from 1999 until 2003, with a yearly production of just 1,500 cars. The V8, 4.9-liter engine,…

Unlike most other manufacturers, BMW has remained loyal to the straight-six engine (also known as the inline-six, or I6). In I6 engines, all six cylinders are arranged in a straight line, rather than a V-shape as in a V6 engine. While this means that I6 engines are less compact than V6 engines, it also means that they provide superior engine balancing while remaining simple and lightweight.

BMW has also made impressive innovations in terms of its engines’ fuel efficiency — some of its new hybrid vehicles get more than 60 miles per gallon.

Used BMW Engines Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of maintenance do BMW engines require?

Like most engines from European manufacturers, BMW engines need to be taken to a specialist in order to be serviced. If you plan on doing your own maintenance but have never worked on BMW engines before, know that you’ll have to do some extra studying.

Additionally, since BMWs are luxury cars, their maintenance generally comes with a higher price tag than that of other cars. With this in mind, it would be wise to have your used BMW engine serviced and maintained more frequently than you would another car — this can help prevent costly more repairs in the long-run.

How do you clean a BMW engine?

Given the unique features and requirements of BMW engines, many owners are hesitant to blast hose water anywhere near the engine bay (and rightly so). Instead, take a more detailed approach by using gentle spray cleaner and special cleaning tools, as well as covering up any sensitive parts with plastic.

What oil should be used in a BMW engine?

Generally, it’s recommended that synthetic oil be used in BMW engines. While each BMW engine is slightly different (and thus may require different types of oil), some helpful general guidelines are available.

Merchants like AutoZone allow customers to shop for engine oil by make, model, and year, so you can find an oil that will work well with your BMW engine.

Popular BMW Used Engine Models

Here are three of the most popular BMW used engine models.

3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a compact executive car that’s available as a sedan, Gran Turismo, and sports wagon. The 3 Series has been in production since the 1970s and is by far BMW’s best selling series. Depending on the exact model, drivers can choose from a variety of engines, including I4, I6, and hybrid engines.

5 Series

Slightly bigger than the 3 Series, the BMW 5 Series is an executive car that’s available as a sedan, wagon, or fastback. Known as one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced sedans on the market, the 5 Series is BMW’s second best selling series, and like the 3 Series offers an array of engine choices, including I4, I6, and hybrid engines.

BMW 4 Series

Like the 3 Series, the 4 Series is a compact executive car, with the major difference being its sleeker and sportier body styles. Launched in 2013, it’s available as a convertible, coupe or fastback coupe (gran coupe), the 4 Series uses an I4 engine.

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