BMW Z4 Engine

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High-quality engines are a sum of their parts, backed by a supplier that checks condition and quality of their parts. For this reason, shopping for a used engine requires that you be discerning when it comes to what you are actually buying. You may be promised a BMW Z4 engine, but you must ensure that you have BMW-level craftsmanship through the engine. Checking on the sources of parts and the sources of production for your purchase ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Empowering yourself as the buyer helps to ensure that you will get a Z4 engine with the kind of life expectancy that BMW Z4 can deliver.



The Z4 engine makes its mark with power. Direct fuel injection allows for the 5,000 rpm that yields 240 horsepower. Additionally, 260 ft. lbs. of torque make this turbocharged engine one that is worth scouring for. Original factory parts for this engine are widely available, making finding a pristine engine well within the range of possibility. The moderately-skilled mechanic should find installing this type used motor to be a great experience that provides a rewarding sense of accomplishment. The in-line, 4-cylinder engine makes use of variable-valve timing. This machine is balanced for precise mechanical performance. The engine delivers plenty of positives and very few negatives. It is not suited for towing of any kind. Its strength lies in speed and agility. The engine specifications are respectable when weighed against the potential fuel economy. This unleaded engine averages 34 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city. The estimated range on a single tank comes out being close to 392 miles.

Working with experienced dealers of new and used engines can put you behind the wheel sooner than you may think. ASAP Motors specializes in finding the Z4 engine that is ideally suited for the make and model of the car you are working with. They present you with the options that will answer the kinds of vital question addressed here. There is no obligation, and simply looking around for a Z4 motor will cost nothing at all.

When buying a used engine you should always ask for a CarFax to get some historical information about the donor vehicle. Make sure you get more than 1 written estimate from an ASE Certified installer. You do not want a backyard mechanic working on this type vehicle. The last step is too look up the BBB reports of both the engine seller and the repair shop or dealership. This helps to give you some insight on how many complaints they have and how the issues are handled.