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Nissan Engines

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ASAP Motors is a locator of used Nissan motors. It is a service is available to anyone. It is easy to find used engines for sale using our free service. Sometimes you may only find rebuilt engines for sale when searching other places. Just fill out the questionnaire on the home page, which will take about 1 minute, and click. The questionnaire helps to guide with drop down menus and with the option of VIN number tracking. Rather promptly, you will start receiving messages from dealers that have the specific replacement Nissan motors or transmission needed. At this point, an engine buyer deals with each engine provider, from all over the United States, on an individual basis. Does that sound easy enough? specializes in providing both replacement engines and transmissions. Often they are tested, cleaned and packed for shipping. This provides an invaluable resource for mechanics that have customers waiting on their only form of transportation. This service is available to individuals, mechanics, and other used parts dealers. The used motors and transmissions come from other vehicles that have been wrecked and due to body damage have been considered totaled. Often the drive train is completely unaffected. These engines, often brand new, are available at a reduced price, greatly lower than a mechanic’s engine re-build, or purchasing a re-built motor.

In the past, if someone had used Nissan engines for sale, the local junkyard was the only viable option. This meant rummaging through aisles of wrecked vehicles to find what you are looking for. There is then a waiting period for their yard worker to schedule the pull. In some cases a person might have to pull it themselves. That meant spending time, 4-5 hours out in a muddy junkyard. Now, that time can be better spent answering the e-mails sent to you by people that have your engine. You then buy your engine, wait for delivery, and put it in.

What motivates customers is cost. Mostly, however, they worried about getting on the road without getting taken to the cleaners. A mechanic can honestly say that used Nissan motors are the best remedy for a blown motor, as well as the best value. Fill out the questionnaire and get some quotes. You got nothing to lose.

Item Name

Nissan Pathfinder Engine

Nissan Pathfinder used engines are easy to purchase using ASAP motors as your resource. The earliest Pathfinder used a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine,...

Nissan Sentra Engine

The Nissan Sentra was first brought to market in 1982. The Sentra 1.6 engine was a carburetor type, very fuel efficient but had issues with the...

Nissan Altima Engines For Sale

The Nissan Altima engines have really evolved over the years. This car was first produced in 1992 and the first generation ended in 1997. The only...

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The Nissan Titan truck is unique in the fact that from 2003 through 2015 it is considered the first generation truck. All models of the Titan only...