Nissan Maxima Engine

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Nissan built the Maxima as its flagship car. The 1985 thru 1988 Maxima engine was a 3.0-liter V-6 engine and proved to be very durable. It was built on the same platform as the Nissan Pathfinder but design differences did not allow the 2 engines to fit each other. The Maxima engine is a front wheel drive so it sits sideways under the hood so the mounts and fuel system are totally different. In 1989 the Maxima offered a dual over cam engine. This was a strong running sport type engine and some buyers really preferred it over the base type VG30 engine. This production stopped in 1994 and was superseded.



The next generation Maxima engine ran from 1995 through 1998, it was the VQ30DE engine also used in the Infiniti I30. It was the only option for the Maxima and was an upgraded DOHC Nissan engine that ran very well. The newer 1999 model Maxima engine was redesigned to offer more power, better economy and improved emissions. This 3.0-liter engine ran smooth and Maxima buyers were very satisfied. The Maxima had an upgraded 3.5-liter engine that was available as well. This model ran thru 2003.

2004 thru 2008 marked a big improvement and redesign for the Maxima engine. The transmission was also upgraded to a 6-speed automatic that was considered cutting edge by some in the industry. This motor put out only 255 horsepower but was managed well so the performance was great for this car.

Starting in 2009 the Maxima engine used was a VQ35DE with different cylinder heads, cams and fuel delivery system. Horsepower was increased to almost 300 and this car could really scoot down the road when the driver hit the gas. The Maxima transmission was a CVT type and proved very reliable by industry standards. The model ran thru 2014 and is still running on the roads today all over America.