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Used Infiniti Engines

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Infiniti coupe sports car

In 1989, the Infiniti brand was introduced in the U.S. by Nissan. While Nissan cars are known primarily for being reliable and affordable, its Infiniti division is known for its luxurious, premium vehicles. Compared to other luxury brands, Infiniti cars (and their engines) are generally rated as having average to above-average reliability. Most are made by Nissan or Nissan-Renault, although some are manufactured by Mercedes-Benz as well. Infiniti engines have been included in Ward’s 10 Best Engines an impressive nine times between 2003 and 2018. These engines are also known for their power and quality, with most Infiniti vehicles sporting six-cylinder engines and some featuring V8 engines. Infiniti also offers a variety of hybrid and electric vehicles, and announced that all of its cars will fall into that category by 2021.

Locate Used Infiniti Engines

If your Infiniti engine or transmission went out on your vehicle, it can be quite expensive to fix it. Getting used Infiniti engines should be cheap, but people don’t often have a plan for getting them, and they end up scrambling from one place to the next, and they probably don’t get the best price that they could get. Sometime Infiniti motors can be tough to locate. This is where ASAP Motors can really help! Instead, they should look for Infiniti motors for sale on a website. The locating service is the best way that they can find replacement motor needed. It is the easiest place for people to locate used parts of any kind, bar none. Basically, the principle is that someone would put in their information, and then they would get e-mail responses in their inbox telling them of used engines or used motors that meet their specific criteria.

It only takes 1 minute to input your information, and it is easy to go from there. All the person has to do is enter their contact details, and then they will start to get e-mail responses in their inbox in a short period of time. They will also have to enter the make and model of car that they want the engine for.

This is a no-obligation, free service, and anyone can take advantage of it. Imagine the alternative of going from recycled dealer to recycled dealer looking for the engine of your choice. It could take forever, and you’d probably end up overpaying for the engine that you want. The customer will actually get a ton of responses by just putting in their information once versus getting a lot of different responses at dealers that they physically approach one-by-one. That is not fun for anyone, and the person might not get the engine of their choice in the end. They will certainly overpay.

One of the best methods for locating anything is online with a brokerage service. Putting in your information once and getting multiple responses is always the best answer when you’re looking for something. You shouldn’t have to scour the globe to find the kind of engine you want, when you can get vendors to send you different responses for motors with prices, models, and warranties on them that you can pick and select from. It is important that you make the right decision when selecting and don’t just choose the first one that comes along. You’ll get tons of e-mail responses in the coming days if you just wait for them to come in. Make sure to only pay with PayPal or a major credit card, this is for your protection as a buyer.

Select Your Used Infiniti Engine Model Below

Whether you’re looking for a gas-powered QX4 engine or a hybrid M35h engine, we can help you find the used engine you need.

Item Name

Infiniti G20 Engines for Sale

The Infiniti G20 automobile used a 2.0 liter dual overhead cam engine. The engine was also used in the Nissan Sentra and had a great track record of…

Infiniti G25 Engines for Sale

The Infiniti G25 came to the US market in 2011, the engine was a 2.5 V6 dual overhead cam that offer great performance, reliability, and…

Infiniti G35 Engines for Sale

The Infiniti G35 engine is the same engine that was used in the Nissan 350Z as well as the Infiniti FX crossover vehicles. This engine is a 3.5 dual…

Infiniti G37 Engines

Infiniti introduced to G37 in the year 2009 and was an immediate success. The G37 represented major advances for Infiniti, one of the biggest…

Infiniti I30 Engines for Sale

The Infiniti I30 came to market in 1996 alongside the Nissan Maxima. The I30 use the exact same engine as the Maxima, the VG30 V6. This engine has…

Infiniti I35 Engines

The Infiniti I35 shared the same engine as the Nissan Altima and the Nissan Maxima. The engine used by Infiniti was a very reliable Nissan built 3.5…

Infiniti J30 Engines

The Infiniti J30 with a rear wheel drive vehicle in design, the engine used was also used in the Nissan 300ZX. The engine was a VG30 6 cylinder V…

Infiniti JX35 Engines

The Infiniti JX35 is a mid-size premium crossover vehicle they use the same engine as the Nissan Pathfinder and the Nissan Altima. It is a 3.5 V6…

Infiniti M30 Engines

The Infiniti M30 engine was the same engine that was used in the Nissan Maxima and as a long block in the Nissan 300ZX as well as the Nissan…

Infiniti M35 Engines

The Infiniti M35 was brought to market in the year 2007, it is for sure luxury car and Infiniti has added  plenty of amenities sure to satisfy…

Infiniti M37 Engines

In 2011 Infiniti came out with the upgraded M37,  the M37 replace the M35 and the biggest distinguishing factor was of course a 3.7 liter engine…

Infiniti M45 Engines for Sale

The Infiniti M45 was brought to market in 2003 as a midsize luxury car produced by the Nissan and Infiniti manufacture. The M45 engine was the same…

Infiniti M56 Engines

Infiniti brought the M56 to market in 2011, it has succeeded the very long running and successful M45 luxury sedan.  This redesigned M series…

Infiniti Q40 Engines

The Infiniti Q40 was introduced to the market in the year 2015, it was an entry-level sedan that superseded the Infiniti G37. The Q40 engine is a 3.7…

Infiniti Q45 Engines for Sale

The Infiniti Q45 came to market in 1990 and was the first 8 cylinder engine used in a production car by Infiniti.  The Q45 engine offered…

Infiniti Q50 Engine

In the market for a used Infiniti Q50 engine? Just click on the link and ASAP Motors will help get your car back on the road running like it never…

Infiniti QX50 Engines

Looking for a good used engine for your Infiniti QX50? ASAP Motors has the resources to get you back on the road with the least amount of effort…

Infiniti EX35 Engine

 The Infiniti EX35 was first shown in Florida in 2007 before going to market in 2008 as a crossover built with a low profile appearance with an…

Infiniti EX37 Engine

 The Infiniti EX37 is manufactured by Nissan and was brought to market in 2013. The EX35 was the next generation vehicle in the EX line and it…

Infiniti FX35 Engine

 The Infiniti FX35 is built by Nissan in the Infiniti luxury vehicle line. It is a mid-size crossover that was built to compete with the Volvo…

Infiniti FX45 Engine

 The Infiniti FX45 is the same platform and body as the Infiniti FX35 but has a larger engine, better suspension, upgraded transmission and…

Infiniti FX50 Engine

In 2009 Infiniti introduced the FX50 to their crossover line up. The FX series is a very trendy design that offers radical styling and lots of curved…

Used Infiniti Engines Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions customers tend to ask about used Infiniti engines …

Q: How much do used Infiniti engines cost?

A: Although the cost will vary by year and model, Infiniti engines typically cost between $500 and $2,500.

Q: Who makes Infiniti engines?

A: As we mentioned above, the vast majority of Infiniti engines are manufactured either by Nissan or by Nissan-Renault, the result of a collaboration between Nissan and French automaker Renault. Select Infiniti engines, such as those included in the Infiniti QX30, are manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, who has a partnership with Nissan.

Q: Where are Infiniti engines made?

A: Like most auto brands, Infiniti engines are made in plants around the world. It first began producing vehicles outside of Japan in 2013, and some of its engines are made in Tennessee.

Popular Infiniti Used Engine Models

Here are three of the most sought-after used Infiniti engine models …

Infiniti FX45

The Infiniti FX45, a four-door SUV, was released in 2003 alongside the FX35. Although both the FX35 and FX45 share the same platform and body, the FX45 is distinct in that it’s equipped with a more powerful, higher-capacity 4.5-liter V8 engine. By contrast, the FX35 has a 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Infiniti M45

The Infiniti M45 is a mid-size luxury car released for the 2003 model year as a variation of the Infiniti M, which was first released in 1989. U.S. models featured a 4.5-liter V8 engine, whereas Japanese models were only available with a six-cylinder engine.

Infiniti Q45

First sold in 1989 and discontinued in 2006, the Infiniti Q45 is a full-size luxury sedan with impressive performance and high-end design. Throughout its entire production, the Q45 was offered with V8 engines in varying sizes.

Used Infiniti Engines List

Looking for a 3.5-liter V6 engine? Or perhaps you’d prefer an I4 turbo engine? Either way, we can help you find an engine that’s perfect for your preferences and budget.

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