Infiniti M37 Engines

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In 2011 Infiniti came out with the upgraded M37,  the M37 replace the M35 and the biggest distinguishing factor was of course a 3.7 liter engine built by Nissan. It is the same engine that is also used in the Nissan Altima. This new 3.7 engine is a 6 cylinder 24 valve engine that produces 330 horsepower at 7000 RPM. Any time an engine has a redline of 7000 RPM, it’s very impressive by automotive standards in any type vehicle. Most engines red line around 5000 RPM and after that the valves begin to float you get rod clatter and so on but a higher revving engine like this in the M37 really does bring performance to a whole new level.


The M35 gotten some impressive upgrades such as an all wheel drive option which Infiniti badges it as the M37x. The all-wheel-drive option gives people an added peace of mind when they’re in snow rain or mud, as it provides torque to the wheel that needs it when it needs it and really enhances driveability and safety under those conditions. Some of the other technology that Infiniti is incorporated into the M37 is a lane departure prevention system, this system uses a small camera that mounts above the rearview mirror and gauges the distance from the vehicle to the lane markers and it will even lightly tap the brakes when necessary to ease the car back into the correct lane. This is far from autonomous driving but it’s something that the industry has been headed towards for many years and this is just the beginning of an older technology that is now being applied in today’s vehicles such as the Tesla, Mercedes S-Class, as well as most Subaru vehicles. It’s interesting to note that Tesla has now had its first fatality crash while the car was running in driverless mode, however they found the driver had a DVD player in dash so that really lends to task did the car make the mistake or was the driver just unaware and not paying attention. These cars are not meant to get on the road allowing you take a nap while driving, you must still pay attention to your surroundings.