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Mercedes Engines

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For those owning a Mercedes the one drawback is getting a used engine replaced. The replacement parts new cost more than those of most other cars. When a the motor has failed, the cost of rebuilt Mercedes engines or new engines can be almost prohibitive. The option of a brand new engine is sometimes not even available, depending on what year and model you have, as well as where you live.
At ASAP Motors we specialize in locating used Mercedes motors and transmissions. We are proud to be a valuable resource for both mechanics and car owners that are trying to breathe life back into a Mercedes.

By filling out our quick, questionnaire which includes information about the vehicle and your e-mail address, we will promptly put you in touch with people that have your motor. They will e-mail you directly. Often you will have many to choose from. Many are already tested, cleaned, and packed for shipping.

Unless you are the type of person that enjoys going through aisles and aisles of beat up wrecks, and walking through muddy junk yards, this is a great service. Even if you are that person, time is still a constraint when people are out their only form of transportation. You can buy used Mercedes engines with a few clicks of the mouse, you can have the information sent to you from multiple sources, choose from the different providers, purchase, and have it delivered all on line. This certainly beats waiting for a junkyard pull schedule, or having a knuckle skinning afternoon pulling it yourself. You will not have to pick up a wrench until you unpack your replacement engine when it gets to the car. Whether you are doing the work for yourself or for your customer, efficiency benefits everyone that is involved with the process.

When you find Mercedes engines find for sale they could still be costly. This is the main reason for considering a used Mercedes engine over other options. Avoid rebuilding an already faltering motor. A replacement engine leaves the problem of the old motor behind. We specialize in engines and transmissions and can usually find what you need at

Item Name

Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Engine

The Sprinter 2500 was first badged as a Freightliner and was brought to market in the US in the year 2001. Sprinter diesel engines were all made very...

Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Engine

The Sprinter 3500 engine is a Mercedes built 6-cylinder engine that offers solid performance and great reliability. It is widely used in many...