Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Engine

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The Sprinter 3500 engine is a Mercedes built 6-cylinder engine that offers solid performance and great reliability. It is widely used in many different commercial applications because of this reason. The 3500 Sprinter is a heavier duty version Sprinter compared to the 2500 series. The frame and suspension are more robust and it has an available dual wheel rear axle assembly for carrying big loads.

The is known globally by its name, some people do confuse it with Freightliner and Dodge because of the rebadging. What is interesting is in countries other than the United States see more variations from the factory which offers people to really take advantage of the versatile of this vehicle. It is made as a camper concept, a Sprinter tractor made to pull a trailer and even a 4-wheel drive version for areas than call for it. Some even come with a roof top air conditioner. However, there were problems with the roof top AC and the leaking caused damage for quite a few Sprinter owners. This resulted in a law suit but the manufacture did settle the suit and correct the problem.

Some of the earlier models offered a 4-cylinder engine but for people in the United States that is just not enough power. All US models come with a 6-cylinder engine. The earlier Sprinter transmissions were a 5 speed automatic. As the norm, with technology getting better soon came a 6-speed automatic transmission, now the Sprinter has a 7-speed automatic transmission.

In Algeria the Sprinter does offer a 4-cylinder gasoline engine that is a 1.8 liter supercharged type. This is done to hold down cost but for such a large vehicle, it is under powered by US standards. However, some people cannot afford the upgraded engine so this is available for those who need it.