Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Engine

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The Sprinter 2500 was first badged as a Freightliner and was brought to market in the US in the year 2001. Sprinter diesel engines were all made very differently and used in many other countries before coming to the US market. The Sprinter is such a practical vehicle for not only commercial but private use as well. It started out as a commercial use multi-purpose van. The 2500 Sprinter diesel engine for the overseas vehicle was smaller with less power but better on fuel and emissions.

The Sprinter 2500 has always had more than 1 roof height available from the factory which is an interesting option most other automakers have never offered for their vans. The standard roof is 140” tall while the high roof version added 18” which greatly changes the uses for the vehicle and allows most people to stand up straight inside instead of leaning over to move about inside.

Most companies purchase the Sprinter for a commercial purpose instead of a Ford Van, Chevy Van or Dodge Van. It has room for racking, shelves and so on so people can actually carry everything needed to get a job done on site. Businesses like plumbers, locksmiths parcel delivery are great examples of what this van can be used for.

The Sprinter diesel engine has always offered reliable power and a good towing capacity, although I cannot remember the last time I saw a Sprinter towing anything going down the road. People also like to use the Sprinter as a conversion van and put rows of seats, beds and entertainment systems on the inside. Companies like Costco and Sam’s Whole use them for a mobile office. The US models use a nice 6-cylinder motor than purrs going down the road compared to a large diesel engine and offers great reliability diesel owners have come to expect.

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