Chevy Van Engine

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This model was made from 1964 to 1996. The first generation came out in 1964 and was based on the Chevy corvair. The first Vans in this series has a standard 90 hp, 153 cubic inch, 2.51 liter four cylinder engine with an optional 194 cubic inch, 2.5 liter engine that gave 120hp. this engine was upgraded to receive seatbelts in 1965 and a 196 cubic in, 6 cylinder engine being made standard with another engine, the 140hp, six cylinder, 3.8 liter being available also. This marked the end of the first generation.



The second generation went into the market in 1967 with a major facelift to the grill, windshield and tail lights. A G-20 model was made in this year and this received a standard, 230 cubic in, six cylinders, 140 hp engine. The optional engine was a 115 hp, 250 cubic in, six cylinder engines or the 170 hp, 283 cubic in v8 2-barrel engine. This 283 cu in engine was upgraded to a 307 cu in, 2-barrel v8. Those looking for the used 283 cu in engine can find it on various websites on the internet from the people who collect these cars as antiques.

The third generation was out in 1971 and this had a shorter nose and hood. The engine was also positioned in front of the driver. The G20 variation of the same came standard with a V6 4.3-liter engine that gave 135 hp. The G20 also came in a 5.7-liter, 190 hp V8 engine. A V8 7.4-liter engine that peaked at 230 hp was also available exclusively to the G30. In 1986, most engines became fuel-injected and the V6 4.3-liter replaced the older inline six 115 hp engine that was a 4.1-liter engine. Diesel engines that were 6.2 liter were also made available and these gave 165 hp.

In 1995, the model received a facelift with the engine sizes remaining to be 4.3 liters, 5.7 liters, and 7.4 liters. Some of the major competitors were the Dodge Van and Ford Van, the import automakers did not have a full size van at the time.