Infiniti M56 Engines

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Infiniti brought the M56 to market in 2011, it has succeeded the very long running and successful M45 luxury sedan.  This redesigned M series boasts a 5.6 liter V6 engine, Nissan built, with a whopping 420 horsepower. Part of what is attributed to the horsepower increase with not only the size of the  cylinders increasing but also Infiniti used some of the latest technology available including direct injection which is something that is normally seen only on diesel engines. What is really amazing is this new in M56 produces 95 more horsepower than before and still manage to post better fuel economy numbers than the M45 with a smaller engine.


The M56 shared the flagship position with the Infiniti Q56. It was the product have a lot of hard work and technology being poured into one automobile. The interior of the M56 boasted elegance and comfort. Some of the additions to the M series was custom leather seating with handcrafted wood accents and a hi-tech instrument panel. This really gave a nice appeal to the interior of the car. Some of the options available for the M56 was a new blind spot warning system along with a blind spot intervention system. This system would actually help correct the car from drifting into a lane without the driver needing to do anything. Some buyers opted for the four-wheel active steering and also a forest air cabin system. This fresh air system took advantage of the latest filters in order to bring premium clean air to the inside of the cabin. Infiniti also used a new navigation system which quit relying on a DVD and uses an internal drive which speeds up the process considerably and makes updates much easier. Finally in 2014 Infiniti rebadged the M series car and moved it over into the Q cars. This gave it  the number 2 ranking, then the M56 became the Q70 for the year 2014 moving forward