Infiniti FX50 Engine

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In 2009 Infiniti introduced the FX50 to their crossover line up. The FX series is a very trendy design that offers radical styling and lots of curved body work. The 2009 FX50 5.0-liter V-8 engine (VK50VE) was used exclusively in the FX50 from 2009 thru 2011. The 2009 FX50 is longer, wider and a lower center of gravity than the earlier model FX series crossovers which improves handling and ride feel considerably.

The upgraded 5.0-liter motor now boasts 390 horsepower utilizing some of Nissan latest technology like the VVEL system. VVEL stands for Variable Valve Event and Lift which is incorporated in the cylinder heads. This technology controls how the valves open and close including lift and duration. This not only offers the vehicle more horsepower but also will improve fuel economy. Under normal use the system limits the amount of fuel the engine uses but under heavy acceleration allows better breathing.



The redesigned transmission became standard equipment in 2009.The FX50 now had a heavy duty all new seven-speed automatic transmission. This transmission features a manual shift mode that allows the driver to control when the vehicle will shift from one gear to the next. This adds an element of a sports car feel to be enjoyed when an operator uses the vehicle in aggressive driving situations. The FX50 transmission also includes a ATTESA E-TS all-wheel system. This feature operates in a rear wheel drive fashion under normal driving conditions until a certain power threshold is reached, power being used in a turn or if the road becomes slippery. Under any of these situations, the transmission will begin delivering more power to the front wheels to stabilize the vehicle. Also, when operating in a rear-wheel drive only mode, fuel economy does improve as well.

The interior of the FX50 is really top notch with hand-strained Maple wood, black trim, climate controlled front seats, Bose Premium Sound System, and a RearView Monitor. When you package up all of these improvements you really begin to see an awesome sporty luxury crossover vehicle.