Infiniti M30 Engines

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The Infiniti M30 engine was the same engine that was used in the Nissan Maxima and as a long block in the Nissan 300ZX as well as the Nissan Pathfinder. The M30 vehicle saw a very short time in production and sales were sluggish, performance was not so good, and the overall design the vehicle was not appealing to the public. The drivetrain was very limited, the only transmission that was offered was an automatic, you could not order a manual shift transmission for this vehicle from the manufacture. Infiniti did the M30 in a convertible type vehicle, however the workmanship was not good with the convertible type vehicles. The roof was prone to deterioration, moisture, and difficult to operate. All of the M30 Coupes offered a power tilt sliding sunroof that had a feature called Auto Cut, Auto Cut would prevent damage from anything getting caught in the glass and automatically reduce and stop power preventing damage to the object as well as the vehicle.


For the 90s that was definitely a cutting-edge feature. The vehicle did come with a driver side airbag and anti lock brakes were standard equipment. It did not have belt pretensioners and no rollover protection was available for the convertible. The M30 did have both front and side impact crash test ratings that were good according to NHTSA, making it one of the safest cars in its class. Nissan did good paying attention to the placement of the side reinforcements which was most notable in the doors and a quarter panels. The M30 was known to have a very solid chassis in the coupe version of the vehicle. After the M30 was dropped from production, the Infiniti M45 was brought to the market and it offered a more powerful V8 engine that produces 340 horsepower and was Infinitis flagship vehicle at the time along with the Infiniti Q45.