Infiniti JX35 Engines

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The Infiniti JX35 is a mid-size premium crossover vehicle they use the same engine as the Nissan Pathfinder and the Nissan Altima. It is a 3.5 V6 dual overhead cam fuel injected engine  that has shown reliability, performance, increase fuel economy given the power that it delivers under the hood. The JX35 was produced to compete in the luxury crossover vehicle Market it ran alongside the Mercedes GL as well as the Audi Q7, however the Cadillac Escalade was a step above given the size and reputation of the flagship SUV built by General Motors. Some of the features that did help the JX35 achieve a higher level were items like a deluxe touring package, advanced climate control system with climate control front seats, and air purifying system, as well as the Infiniti Intelligent Key feature.


As the JX35 continue down the road it was just too short 2 years before it was rebadged the QX60. The QX60 was done to comply with Infinities new model and name structure. The 60 badge to some was confusing because the QX60 did not have a 6.0 liter engine in it .However performance was good, people enjoy the luxury of the vehicle, the performance of the vehicle, and the status that went along with buying such an expensive vehicle. Even though the JX35 boasted more legroom than the second and third seat in the Cadillac Escalade it still could not hold a candle to the V8  the General Motors put underneath the hood, hardly anyone on the market today is it still able to hold the place of the reliability of the GM V8 engine.