Infiniti FX35 Engine

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The Infiniti FX35 is built by Nissan in the Infiniti luxury vehicle line. It is a mid-size crossover that was built to compete with the Volvo XC 90 and the hot rod Porsche Cayenne. The FX series shares the same platform as the rear wheel drive Nissan 370Z. The FX series is not advertised as a rugged off-road type vehicle but a luxury class aggressive designed stylish ride.

The first generation FX 35 came to market in 2003 and ran till 2008. The drivetrain options were RWD and AWD depending on the buyer’s preference. Both versions used the VQ35DE dual overhead cam 3.5 liter V6 engine. The RWD engine was used in the Infiniti G35 and M35 vehicles are also based on the Nissan 350Z sports car. The FX350 AWD engine is mounted different and the transmission mounts are different as well. Nissan added extra mounts for the drivetrain to be securely mounted to deliver power to the front wheels.




After 2006, the FX35 did get a face lift with a redesigned, grille, bumper and headlight assemblies. The new styling was more aggressive than the earlier version and did help increase sales. Along with the exterior improvements the cabin received some upgrades as well. Infiniti offered a nice Bose sound system that delivered 300 watts of power, a 7-inch color display, ten-way driver’s seat, heated front seats and an advanced air bag system.

The last year of the FX35 was fitted with a long type headlight, a dark chrome colored grill and some really nice functional side air vents in the fenders. The interior was a total redo with stitched leather seats, matte-finish and multiple types of wood trim you could choose from. The suspension was also upgraded to a double wishbone from the older front strut type suspension offered on the earlier version. The latest FX35 transmission was a 7 speed automatic that delivered great performance and improved fuel economy.