Infiniti G37 Engines

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Infiniti introduced to G37 in the year 2009 and was an immediate success. The G37 represented major advances for Infiniti, one of the biggest advancements was the new design of the engine. The new G37 engine replaced the variable valve train system with a new variable valve lift and event system. This new upgraded engine operated quieter, smoother, and offered a few more horsepower once the vehicle reached 60 miles per hour. The G35 share the same engine as the Nissan 370Z, which was an awesome running car with great performance and reliability. Some of the issues the G37 address were vibration through the shifter, noisy during heavy operation, and a smooth transition between shifts with the manual type transmission. These issues cropped up with the earlier Infiniti G35 and Nissan listened to the complaints and made those changes and the results were what were needed to get the G37 to the next level of success.


All of the Infiniti G37 vehicles received Nissan’s new upgraded 7-speed automatic transmission. This transmission was shared with the Infiniti FX37 and high-end luxury crossover FX50. The new redesigned 7 speed automatic transmission improve the gear ratio for highway speeds and also brought the gears closer together 1st through 4th gears. This helped the vehicle respond more quickly at low speeds, improved driveability, as well as performance. The RPMs at highway cruising speed were also reduced which helped with fuel economy. This new transmission offered the Drive Shift mode, however it contributed to an additional 200 pounds to the overall weight of the vehicle. The good news is the extra gears in the transmission more than made up for the additional weight of the vehicle. Also, the G37 was available with a sport package which people really like that were sport car minded, it included extra body molding, sporty type wheels, better seats, as well as a loaded out dash with high end trim. These add-ons made the G37 a world-class vehicle for its price range.