Infiniti EX37 Engine

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The Infiniti EX37 is manufactured by Nissan and was brought to market in 2013. The EX35 was the next generation vehicle in the EX line and it superseded the Infiniti EX35. Infiniti sold the EX35 from 2008 to 2013 in the US market. The engine used in the EX37 was the VQ37VHR 6 cylinder developed by Nissan. This motor used some of Infiniti’s latest technology that enabled the horsepower to reach 325 horsepower giving this crossover a 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. It did not perform as well as the Infiniti EX37 but Auto Guide reports it to outperform the Mercedes GLK350.
This version of the Infiniti crossover was offered in a RWD and AWD platform. The RWD vehicle used the same motor as the Infiniti M37 and the AWD version shared its engine with the G37 sports coupe. Even though Nissan built the engines for the vehicles, the specific application was limited to the Infiniti line.



The transmission used in the EX37 RWD car was the same as the QX50. This transmission offered different modes depending on driving conditions. The Snow Mode made the vehicle less prone to spin the tires in slippery conditions that gave the driver better control and increased safety. The Downshift Rev Matching mode assisted in highway conditions. The AWD transmission in the EX37 is the exact same transmission that is used in the Infiniti G37. When a manufacture allows certain components to be used in more than 1 type platform it holds down production costs and helps bring the sticker price down for the consumer.
The EX37 really was packed with some great technology like Intelligent Cruise Control, a Lane Departure System, 11 speaker Bose sound system and a hard drive navigation system for a quicker response. This also allows for a software update to be uploaded instead of having to purchase and install a new DVD.