Infiniti FX45 Engine

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The Infiniti FX45 is the same platform and body as the Infiniti FX35 but has a larger engine, better suspension, upgraded transmission and finer interior trim. The FX45 could compete with the higher end Porsche, Acura and GMC crossover vehicles.

Infiniti FX45 engine is a really well built engine. The FX45 used a 4.5-liter 32-valve v8 DOHC engine. Even though this V8 engine was only used in the Infiniti FX45 it was still designed, built and produced by the Nissan Motor Company.

Performance for the FX45 was greatly improved over the FX35 series. The 4.5 FX45 motor propels the crossover up to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds. The jump up to 100 mph took 16.5 seconds and the FX45 topped out at 145 mph. The speed is limited electronically by the manufacture.




The FX45 included almost every option offered by Infiniti to show this was its flagship crossover vehicle. Once the redesign came to market in 2008 sales really picked up and dealers had a hard time keeping the FX45 in stock. In 2008 Infiniti gave the FX45 a much more ridged body and a new double-wishbone design front suspension. The control arms were also updated to improve control of the wheel’s motion, this was most evident when the suspension traveled up and down allowing better compression than the earlier strut design.

Overall the FX45 was a sleek looking well-built crossover that performed better than some of the sports cars on the market at that time.  When you combined those features while the passenger cabin sits up higher this made for an impressive vehicle to drive.

Starting in 2009 the FX45 was upgraded to the FX50. This was done to further push the performance envelope for the FX series while helping bring the price point higher making the FX even more profitable for Infiniti.