GMC Terrain Engine

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GMC Terrain engines come in 4 different versions. GMC offers this many options for reasons of budget, performance, production costs and government regulations. The smallest engine GMC offers is the 2.4 LAF model, it is a very fuel efficient engine offering decent performance and really helps with people on a budget. Using the latest in technology, GM is able to get better results from the same size engine as earlier versions which is an awesome!



The most popular engine for the Terrain is the 3.0 liter 264 horsepower V6, it is not the most expensive but is a solid option with plenty of power to spare. The Terrain is not a full size SUV so this is a nice option for this model vehicle. The most powerful option for the Terrain is the 3.6 liter high output engine. This offers the best in class horsepower and torque making the Terrain really fun to drive for an SUV enthusiast. I recommend this engine for the guy who has a boat or enjoys getting from point A to point B in a short amount of time.

The listing below is for the 4 engines available for the GMC Terrain :

2.4 L LAF I4
2.4 L LEA I4
3.0 L LF1 or LFW V6[1]
3.6 L LFX V6[2]