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GMC Engines

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There are plenty of used GMC engines available and many of them are in great shape. They may have been in a truck that was in an accident and suffered a lot of body damage. These motors still have years of life left in them and are the perfect choice for a truck that is in great condition. We have developed an innovative search service that makes it easy for you to find a part from among our extensive network of automotive recycling centers. These suppliers will send you information about GM engines straight to your inbox. Our service is totally free and only takes about 1 minute of your time.



*Save Time
Replacing a motor used to be a big hassle. First, you had to drive all over town to see if there were any of the right sizes for your truck. Often, there were none in stock, and many people spent hours in a fruitless search. We have developed an answer to this problem and our search service can provide multiple offers in a matter of hours. The process is based on the submission of a simple request form. We use this to find the right used motor for your truck. This includes used GMC engines and rebuilt GMC motors.

*Save Money
Finding GMC engines for sale from our site makes it easy to save money. Installing used motors is much cheaper than other options. Our service is designed to provide our clients with multiple offers. This ensures that there are plenty of choices. When you use our site, you will be provided multiple offers, and you can compare based on price, mileage and any applicable warranties.

Our services are totally free. There is not cost for you to use our service, and there are no hidden charges that will show up in the future. You are under no obligation to buy. We are only offering our clients a valuable way to find a quality motor for their car or truck.

There is a smart way to deal with a blown motor. Replacement GMC engines are available through our search service, and this is much cheaper than trashing your truck and purchasing a new one. Many vehicles are in great shape when the engine gives out, and the body may have years of life left in it. Putting in a new or used motor is an easy job, and we make it easy to find any sized engine.


Item Name

GMC 2500 Pickup Engine

The GMC 2500 Truck is a real workhorse. The engines offered vary from gasoline V8 engines to a high torque diesel model. The GMC 2500 early model…

GMC Acadia Engine

GMC Acadia engines were made specifically for this vehicle. The overdesign of the engine was to fit the derivative of the GM E platform…

GMC Canyon Engine

The GMC Canyon is the brother of the Chevrolet Colorado. The early models used a variety of engines starting at the 4 cylinder 2.5 liter engine. The…

GMC Denali Engine

Trying to locate a used GMC Denali engine for sale? Tired od running from salvage yards, junk yards or other used GM Sierra Denali…

GMC Envoy Engine

GMC built the Envoy in 1998. It replaced the phased out Jimmy that used a 2.8 liter engine and at the end a 4.3 liter V6. The Envoy got a new power…

GMC Envoy XL Engine

Buying a GMC Envoy XL engine is a breeze with ASAP Motors. The Envoy had a couple of different engines available for the first generation SUV. The…

GMC Jimmy Engine

A GMC Jimmy was based on the Chevy K5 Blazer. It was like a short wheel base full size truck but fully enclosed. The engines GMC used varied…

GMC S-10 Jimmy Engine

GM made the Jimmy S-10 from the 1982 thru 1995. The Jimmy used engines made for a car as well as using a truck only design. An available engine was…

GMC Savana Van Engine

The GMC Savana Van has been around for years. GMC changed it to the Express series in 1996. Since 1996, the GMC Van has had several different type…

GMC Sierra 1500 Engine

When looking for a GMC Sierra 1500 engine you’ll be able to compare companies with confidence at ASAP Motors. You can get quotes feom multiple…

GMC Sierra 2500 Engine

GMC Sierra 2500 series trucks are built for both work and play. The engines for the Sierra are the exact same as what the Chevrolet truck and…

GMC Sierra 3500 Engine

The GMC 3500 Sierra uses the most powerful engines GMC offers for it’s passenger grade vehicle. This 1 ton truck is very capable and has the…

GMC Sonoma Engine

The GMC Sonoma is the same truck as the Chevy S-10 pickup. It is a scaled down version of a full size truck meant for light duty hauling and easy…

GMC Terrain Engine

GMC Terrain engines come in 4 different versions. GMC offers this many options for reasons of budget, performance, production costs and…

GMC Typhoon Engine

The GMC Typhoon was a SUV built with 1 thing in mind, performance. The Typhoon is based on the Syclone which was a really fun vehicle to drive. This…

GMC Yukon XL 2500 Engine

Are you looking for used GMC Yukon XL 2500 engine? Then you are at the right place! At ASAP Motors, we strive hard to find quality used GMC…


Latest GMC engine requests...

2014 GMC Terrain Engine

Fits: [2.4 / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 2.4
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota 55443

2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Engine

Fits: [5.3 / Automatic 2 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 5.3
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: CHICKASHA, Oklahoma 73018

2003 GMC 1500 Pickup Engine

Fits: [Rr / Automatic 2 Wheel Drive]
Engine: Rr
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: CORONA, California 92879

2007 GMC Canyon Engine

Fits: [2.9 L / Automatic 2 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 2.9 L
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: HALTOM CITY, Texas 76117

2010 GMC Acadia Engine

Fits: [3.6L / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 3.6L
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: MONTGOMERY, Alabama 36111

2003 GMC Envoy Engine

Fits: [4.2 Liter / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 4.2 Liter
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: TUCSON, Arizona 85743
Notes: looking for complete engine. 2003 envoy 4wd, 4.2 liter L6 engine, fuel injection, automatic 4 sp electronic trans

2010 GMC Sierra 1500 Engine

Fits: [5.3 Liter / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 5.3 Liter
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: NEWBERN, Tennessee 38059
Notes: compleat motor

1989 GMC 2500 Pickup Engine

Fits: [5.7 / Automatic 2 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 5.7
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: SAINT JOHNS, Michigan 48879

2011 GMC Terrain Engine

Fits: [4 cylinder / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 4 cylinder
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: DELEVAN, New York 14042

2000 GMC Jimmy Engine

Fits: [4.3 / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 4.3
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: SCIENCE HILL, Kentucky 42553
Notes: Need a good 4.3

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Submit your engine or transmission request to competing sellers

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Be happy to know you've just saved a bundle!