GMC Canyon Engine

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The GMC Canyon is the brother of the Chevrolet Colorado. The early models used a variety of engines starting at the 4 cylinder 2.5 liter engine. The purpose of the 2.5 liter engine option was pure economy both is selling price and fuel savings. The 2.5 engine was mounted to a manual transmission at the start. This helped to maximize the power of such a small engine.



GM offered a ton of optional engines during the life of the Canyon. Smaller V6 engines like the 2.8 liter gave a bump in performance but the larger 3.5 liter engine offered a whopping 220 hp. This pushed the truck down the road will great power and torque. The largest engine used was the 5.3 liter V8 power plant. This engine has been used in several makes and models within the GM line and is 1 of the most successful engines General Motors had ever produced. In the latest model version, GM put a small Duramax diesel under the hood.

Below is a list of the engines GMC used in the Canyon :

2.5 L (153 cu in) 4JK1
2.8 L (171 cu in) LK5 I4
2.9 L (177 cu in) LLV I4
3.0 L (183 cu in) 4JJ1
3.5 L (214 cu in) L52 220hp I5[1]
3.7 L (226 cu in) LLR I5
5.3 L (323 cu in) LH8 V8
2.4 L Flexpower I4 (gasoline/ethanol)
2.5 L Ecotec (LCV) I4 (gasoline)
2.5 L Duramax I4 (turbodiesel)
2.8 L Duramax I4 (turbodiesel)
3.6 L High Feature engine (LFX)