GMC Typhoon Engine

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The GMC Typhoon was a SUV built with 1 thing in mind, performance. The Typhoon is based on the Syclone which was a really fun vehicle to drive. This SUV was nothing fancy as far as the trim package goes but the engine was pure business.



What made the Typhoon so special the the 4.3 turbocharged V6 engine GM built specially for the automotive guy who likes to race. This SUV can standard as all wheel drive with a 65-35 power split which was done with a transfer case made for the Typhoon. The Typhoon had an improved rear suspension that was self leveling, this helped under severe driving conditions and also when the vehicle was being used to tow a trailer or had a lot of cargo in the back.

The only engine used in the Typhoon is listed below :

4.3 L LB4 turbo V6