GMC Sonoma Engine

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The GMC Sonoma is the same truck as the Chevy S-10 pickup. It is a scaled down version of a full size truck meant for light duty hauling and easy transportation. The GMC Sonoma used quite a few different engines over its lifespan. The base engine was an Isuzu 1.9 engine. This engine was used in the Isuzu Pup pickup that was an economical truck along the line of the GMC Sonoma. Manufacturers often purchased engines from other manufacturers instead of building and developing an engine for a line of vehicles.



An engine the Sonoma used the was very popular was the 2.8 liter V6. This engine was used in the Chevy Camaro starting 1982. It was a carbureted engine and was only built for 2 years. GN switched to a throttle body fuel injected engine that helped increase power and economy. The final engine used, the 4.3 liter V6 was a stout little engine. GM put it into full size trucks and Chevy Astro vans.

Here is a comprehensive list of Sonoma engines :

1.9 L LR1 I4 (gasoline)
2.0 L LQ2 I4 (gasoline)
2.2 L LQ7 I4 (diesel)
2.5 L L38 I4 (gasoline)
2.5 L LN8 I4 (gasoline)
2.8 L LR2 V6 (gasoline)
2.8 L LL2 V6 (gasoline)
4.3 L L35 V6 (gasoline)
4.3 L LB9 V6 (gasoline)