Acura RDX Engine

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The Acura RDX is the first cross over SUV made by Honda and it replaced the MDX as it grew in both price and size. This SUV has the same dimensions as the Honda CR-V but has a unique platform made for it that allows it to handle its all drive system excellently. Acura used Honda engines in this vehicle as with most Acura cars built.  The first generation came into the market in 2006. A performance version went on sale in 2010. This model came with the front grille that is the sedan signature look with front wheel drive.



The first generation was among the first Honda car to be powered by a turbocharged engine that ran on gasoline. Its 2.3 liter motor was made totally out of aluminum, came with an i-VTEC head and had dual balance shifts. It also boasts as one of the very few luxury SUVs that have a four cylinder motor. The RDX engine gives 240 bhp. These used RDX engines for sale can be found at ASAP Motors. They can also be found on various websites on the internet.  The Acura RDX came with a standard five speed transmission that is automatic with the sport shift sequential manual shift ability being employed.  Acura also offered the 3.5 liter engine. The RDX can carry five people and ships with auto climate control, leather seats and a moon roof. All of these features are powered.  This generation also had a navigation system, rear view cameras and real time traffic monitoring.

The second generation of this model was released in 2012 and thus there are not a lot of changes to talk about here. This car will run on a turbocharged engine with four cylinders and will later be put aside to make way for the 3.5 liter six valve motor. This motor will have a six speed transmission system that is automatic. It is also poised to improve fuel consumption. This is a complete redesign because the back seats can be pulled down to allow for more space. As if that is not enough, the music system can carry up to 15 GB of music for your listening pleasure.  It has also been poised as a family car because of all of these features.