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The Infiniti G20 automobile used a 2.0 liter dual overhead cam engine. The engine was also used in the Nissan Sentra and had a great track record of being very reliable. The Infiniti G20 was the luxury version of the Nissan Sentra, although built by Nissan the Infiniti is known for its fine craftsmanship.The first G20 was produced from 1991 thru 1993. Infiniti came out with an upgraded version in 1994 but it was short lived and only produced until 1996. The next generation G20 engine did have some improvements done to it. A significant Improvement was the way the flow work in the cylinder head, the intake and exhaust ports were flush as with a traditional head  but the earlier models had the intake actually flow out and down from the cylinder head which made the earlier G20 engine very unique. The changes to the cylinder head offer better flow which include improve not only performance but fuel economy as well.


In all the G20 had a total of 3 different engines that were used during its brief 6 years of production. An easy way to identify the difference between the 2 engine would be the location of the fuel injectors.The early engines had a low port injection style and the later models use the high port injection, The injector locations were changed as engineers continued to improve and change the engine for optimum performance. The Nissan 200SX also used the SR20DE engine, the vehicle was quite sporty actually, although it used exact same engine as a G20, the car was lighter and just perform better all around. The G20 transmission was offered in both automatic and standard, the automatic transmission was a traditional 4 speed with overdrive and the manual transmission was a 6 speed. Compact cars typically always have a manual transmission option whereas midsize or full-size cars the manufacturers really do shy away from that. This is because buyers in midsize and large size typically always prefer an automatic transmission and steer clear of the a manual shift option.