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The Infiniti M45 was brought to market in 2003 as a midsize luxury car produced by the Nissan and Infiniti manufacture. The M45 engine was the same engine used in the Infiniti Q45 which is the top end luxury car for the Infiniti brand at that time. The M45 had a little over 300 horsepower it was well equipped for a car in that day. It offered leather seats, alloy wheels, climate controlled air conditioning, Adaptive Xenon headlights, navigation adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning system and other amenities that luxury buyers were demanding.


In 2006 the Infiniti M45 did get a facelift along with the upgraded 5-speed automatic transmission that also offered a manual shift control feature that made down ships very lively. Originally, the M45 had  2 different trim levels, base and sporty. In 2008 Infiniti did change the M5 body design slightly in the same fashion that Lexus does with its car line. The last in M45 was produced in 2010,  then it was retired and made way for the M56 series. The M45 was available in an all-wheel-drive trim level, this added security for slippery road conditions as well as an overall roadfill that was more appealing to some buyers. Some of the complaints of the M45 were excessive road noise and the way that the controls were stacked in the interior made them very hard to master. Another interesting side note is M35 V6 engine provided almost as much power as the M45 V8, however the V8 always does come through with more torque which changes the entire driver experience over operating a 6 cylinder vehicle. The M45 was the beginning for the Infiniti car line to really start taking hold in the luxury market. Before the M series came along Infiniti just did okay according to Automotive Market research company. After the M45 came to market, Infinity did seem to take hold and really accelerate into a major player in the high-end luxury market.