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The Infiniti Q45 came to market in 1990 and was the first 8 cylinder engine used in a production car by Infiniti.  The Q45 engine offered outstanding performance, straight from Infiniti with the V8 4.5 liter engine rated a 278 horsepower with 292 pounds of torque. The Q45 motor propelled the vehicle from 0 to 60 and just 6.7 seconds which was very good for a sedan of that size. The rear axle assembly was updated with a viscous limited-slip differential, it was an independent rear suspension that used drive axles with a center carrier assembly. This was the flagship car for the Nissan owned Infiniti brand.


In 1995 Infiniti Q45 was redesigned, the engine was upgraded as well as the transmission, interior, and the body lines. The second generation  Q45 came to market in 1996. Infiniti downgraded the size of the engine to a 4.1 liter motor that produced 266 horsepower and 0 to 60 was about 7.5 seconds. The third and final generation Q45 engine went back to the 4.5 liter V8. The vehicle was also fitted with a new 5 speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This was the first Infiniti to use an  autonomic cruise control system that was able to assist the driver without much input needed to maintain speed control. At the end of 2006 Q45 was retired and rebadged is an M series. The M45 was shorter than the Q45 however it had a larger interior, greater performance, and a much-improved multi-link suspension with a double wishbone in the front. The interior economics were much better, access to the instrument cluster was improved as well as the driver interface for climate control radio and other systems that are available in the Q45. It’s interesting to note that in 2012 its Infiniti did announce that all future sedans would go back to using the Q prefix instead of the M, this meant that the Q50 and the G37 were replaced, the Q70 replacing the M35 and the M45 and M 56. At that time Infiniti also had rumors of the new Q80 coming to market.