Infiniti QX50 Engines

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Looking for a good used engine for your Infiniti QX50? ASAP Motors has the resources to get you back on the road with the least amount of effort possible. The ASAP Motors website is connected to used auto parts brokers all over the United States. Once you fill out the form at the top of this page we deliver your request and the suppliers will contact you by email or phone. It is just that simple!


The QX50 came to market in 2013 and has been a very popular vehicle since the first day it hit the dealerships. The QX50 was built on the Nissan FM platform and is shared with Infiniti G series, M series, and the FX series crossover. The engine that powers the QX50 is the VQ37VHR 3.7-litre V6 Nissan built motor. The QX50 transmission is a 7-speed automatic and is available in a front wheel drive and all-wheel driver version. Both QX50 and QX50L share the exact same drivetrain components.


Before ordering any used engine or used transmission online there are a few steps we recommend you follow to protect yourself. This starts off with first make sure you do need to purchase a used motor for your car. Some people will sense an issue, get an opinion from a friend, the discover the engine was misdiagnosed and does not need to be replaced. We recommend an ASE certified person to inspect your vehicle. This type car uses an onboard computer and is very complex, a faulty part like a knock sensor can make the engine sound like it has failed but in reality just needs a simple repair.


When you make your final choice of supplier, do you due diligence on that company. Check out the Better Business Bureau or do a simple Google search. Just because someone sounds good on the phone does not mean they do good business. And last but not least, never ever send cash, check or wire transfer. When you do this, you have zero protection.