Infiniti Q40 Engines

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The Infiniti Q40 was introduced to the market in the year 2015, it was an entry-level sedan that superseded the Infiniti G37. The Q40 engine is a 3.7 liter V6 that uses variable valve event and  which not only makes the engine more powerful but also more efficient. This upgraded 3.7 litewr V6 engine produces 328 horsepower and has plenty of torque for an entry-level car. The Q40 came exclusively as a four-door sedan and was equipped with an integrated chrome spoiler, 17 inch alloy wheels, leather seats, automatic climate control air conditioning system with dual zones as well as an intelligent key system that included a push-button ignition.


The Q40 transmission is a 7 speed automatic and was offered in a rear-wheel drive or an optional all wheel drive system. The all-wheel-drive system is very sophisticated and under normal driving conditions the majority of the power goes to the rear wheels, but once a situation comes up whether its loss of traction, steering or wet surfaces the car automatically balance out the tourque and can even move transmit torque to the wheel that needs it the most to protect the driver in almost any scenario. The production for the Q40 was very short-lived and it was discontinued after one year. The Q40 did not sell well so it was a poor performing vehicle for infiniti and they yanked it off the market just as quick as it showed up. Once the Q40 was dropped the Q50 replaced it and it was a much better vehicle all around. Not only from the interior and exterior but the drivetrain was also improved. Every luxury carmaker brings an entry-level vehicle to market for the discriminating buyer who can’t afford a mid-level or upper level luxury car but still wants to prestige of driving a luxury brand. BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar are some of the major luxury auto brands that offer an entry-level vehicle.