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The Infiniti I30 came to market in 1996 alongside the Nissan Maxima. The I30 use the exact same engine as the Maxima, the VG30 V6. This engine has proven to be very reliable by design and shared the same long block as the 300ZX and Nissan Pathfinder. The I30 was brought to market to complement the Maxima, it was presented as a high-end luxury midsize Japanese car. The I30 came standard with more luxury features such as leather seats, climate control system, compartment air bags and a tuned suspension. The I30 however was not available in a standard shift and only an automatic version was brought to market.


In 2002 the Infiniti I30 got an upgraded 3.5 liter V6 dual overhead cam engine. Again this engine was shared with a Nissan Maxima and delivered solid reliability. There was an increase in horsepower as the cylinder heads were upgraded as well as the short block, it offered more displacement. These changes help compete in the marketplace where other manufacturers are bringing more power, more torque and better fuel economy into the mix. The 3.5 engine was a chain driven motor, not a timing belt type which does increase the reliability and longevity of a typical engine. The issue with the timing belt designed engine is the timing belt has to be maintained like any other fan belt does on the vehicle. Most people avoid doing this because of the cost of changing the timing belt, the front of the engine typically has to be removed with all the bolts on peripherals and it is quite expensive. However, if the timing belt is not maintained and it fails while the engine is running it will cause catastrophic damage to the engine. These later model engines are known as interference engines, when the timing belt breaks the valves stop moving in the cylinder heads so some of them are stuck in the down position, however the pistons continue to go up and down. While the pistons are moving and the valves are stuck down not moving, the engine is out of time and the pistons destroy the valves, tear up the heads and sometimes even damage the block.