Infiniti G25 Engines for Sale

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The Infiniti G25 came to the US market in 2011, the engine was a 2.5 V6 dual overhead cam that offer great performance, reliability, and affordability. The purpose of Infiniti G25 was to help people get into a mid-level luxury sports car while keeping the price point below the Infiniti G37. An interesting note about the G25 is that even though it is lighter than the Infiniti G37 it is still a whole 2 seconds slower in the quarter mile. With numbers like that, the G25 translates to really doggy  performance even though by looking at the car the lines imply that this is a sporty, fast, and fun to drive vehicle.

The engine used in the Infiniti G25 is the same as the engine from its cousin the Nissan Skyline. The Skyline has been widely used in Japan for several years before the G25 hit the market. The Skyline was a very successful vehicle amongst the younger crowd in Japan. A direct competitor of the Infiniti G25 was the Audi A4, the Lexus IS250, and the BMW 328.

Just after two short years of production, Infiniti dropped the G25 from production. Not only were sales slumping but the vehicle just never did well when it went to market. It’s big brother the Infiniti G37 did very well and continue to do so for years to come. Infiniti even went as far as to introduce a 346 horsepower engine in the IPL series. This vehicle had upgraded wheels, body trim, as well as interior upgrades. Some of the more prominent upgrades for the interior of the G37 were navigation, 6 speed automatic transmission, leather seats, as well as a back-up camera which was new for the industry. By today’s standards these high-end upgrades are available in the low end vehicles because costs are down, technology has improved, and demand for these things have become the norm. Most vehicle today even have bluetooth technology standard which allows a wireless connection to a user’s mobile device.