Lexus Engines

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Used Lexus engines are for sale nationwide. We have automotive recyclers that are eager to assist consumers who need a used Lexus IS300 engine or used Lexus ES300 engine. Once you have filled out your request form with the make, model and year of the car, they will send you sales offers by email, phone or text. How you wish to be contacted is strictly up to you. The different used Lexus engines they offer will come with a variety of warranties, locations and prices. You need only sort through them and make your choice.

So no more need to take a chance scouring junkyards or recycling centers yourself, when we have all the connections you need. With us, you can have several different establishments competing for your business. Competition drives down cost.

Some of the used Lexus engines offered come with extended warranties, are refurbished and cleaned and make sure to ask about shipping costs. Do not take a chance with your Lexus. Let us help you find the perfect used Lexus engine, at the perfect price, for you and your car.



Item Name

Lexus ES350 Engine

The Lexus ES350 came with either a used 2.4-liter engine or a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. The 2.4 4-cylinder engine was not offered in the domestic US…

Lexus GS430 Engine

We have the used Lexus GS430 engine you are looking to buy! Fast and friendly service is what you expect fr our suppliers at ASAP Motors , and we…

Lexus LS430 Engine

The flagship Lexus LS430 engine was built by Toyota but only used in the Lexus LS430 vehicle. This engine was built very well as its early version…

Lexus RX 300 Engine

The Lexus RX 300 is manufactured by Lexus and it owned by Toyota. The 2000 RX 300 3.0 engine was first in the Toyota Camry. The engine designation is…

Lexus RX 330 Engine

Lexus started producing the RX 330 in 2004. The engine used in the RX 330 was also used in the Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon and the ES 330. The was an…

Lexus ES300 Engine

Lexus started the ES300 in the year 2001. The ES300 was based on the Toyota Camry platform but decked out and restyled to be used in the Lexus luxury…

Lexus ES330 Engine

The Lexus ES330 was the upgraded redesigned version of the ES 300. Both vehicle was based on the Toyota K platform that was widely used in the Camry….