Lexus ES300 Engine

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Lexus started the ES300 in the year 2001. The ES300 was based on the Toyota Camry platform but decked out and restyled to be used in the Lexus luxury line of vehicles. This was an entry level vehicle for Lexus which was needed for lower end consumers wanting to step up into a luxury brand vehicle.

The engine in the ES300 was a 3.0 liter V6 1MZFE built by Toyota. It was only available only in a front wheel drive version not producing this K platform in an all-wheel drive version. The 3.0 liter V6motor was a very reliable engine and was also offered in the Toyota Camry. This engine was an all-aluminum dual overhead cam design that offered solid performance and good fuel economy.

The transmission used in the ES300 was a 5 speed automatic transmission that was not the same as the Camry. The Lexus version used a different valve body and tail housing. It was a misconception with many auto recyclers and salvage yards that the two transmissions were interchangeable.



Interior wise the ES 300 offered many nice amenities and upgrades. The air conditioning control panel was a climate control type and offered a dual zone operation.  The trim inside the ES 300 was California Walnut and Lexus made sure they used it everywhere possible. This included the dashboard, center console and all 4 passenger doors. The rear window had an optional electric sun shade that helped prevent sun damage and keep the passenger compartment cool. The exterior doors included puddle lamps and chrome door handles instead of the painted types used on Toyota. The Lexus did fall short when competing with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5 series. The German engineering of these 2 vehicles was far superior of the Japanese automakers at that time.