Lexus GS430 Engine

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The Lexus GS430 engine was nothing short of a well built machine that is made to last! This engine runs so smooth and offers exceptional performance and reliability. Lexus engines are manufactured by the Toyota Motor automaker. Lexus is the flagship automobile unlike the Scion that was made for the entry level vehicle market. The GS430 engine is a 4.3-liter V8 DOHC fuel injected motor. It is all aluminum and uses a vanos system. Lexus is not the only automaker to use the vanos system, it is also used by BMW in most of their vehicles. The vanos system has the ability to adjust the camshafts in real time while driving the car. For people who are familiar with how an engine works, this is really a cool piece of technology.

The Lexus family also has a larger sedan, the LS430. This shares the same longblock as the GS430 but because of the difference in the car design, the intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds and oil pan are not interchangeable. Few people are aware but an earlier LS400 engine wil fit with major changes, however the vehicle will suffer a lack of performance but a lot of money can be saved doing this type of conversion.

When choosing a shop to work on your GS430, do some research. Not just anyone can work on a GS430 and get it right. The problem is the dealership costs so much more than a mom and pop shop so people tend to just take the car anywhere that claims to be able to do such a major repair on the Lexus. Never get in a rush, sometime a snap decision will end up costing more than what you could have ever expected to spend on repairing your Lexus.