Lexus LS430 Engine

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The flagship Lexus LS430 engine was built by Toyota but only used in the Lexus LS430 vehicle. This engine was built very well as its early version the LS400 but with added bells and whistles. This generation LS motor came with variable valve train which enables the engine to be tweaked on the fly for constant changes a driver will experience on a daily basis. The very first Toyota to get the VVTI engine is the Toyota Corolla.



The Toyota Avalon was given a dual VVTI upgrade in 2005. this really make the engine breathe much better and was very efficient. The LS430 first came to market with a 5 speed automatic transmission. The auto industry has been moving towards more gears and further integration with the transmission as technology evolves. The second generation LS430 transmission was a 6 speed and improved performance and drivability. Asian Warner blended into the technology behind this transmission and millions of dollars went into development and research before it was brought into production.

Other options the LS430 has was adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance and 4-wheel wish bone suspension. This put the Lexus in direct competition with high end European cars like the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series. The Lexus was ahead of these automakers with technology but the Europeans are never far behind. In the beginning the adaptive cruise would not function the right way in rain so the car would sense rain and disengage this option until conditions were dry. Lexus has been known for bring the latest and greatest innovations ahead of the other automakers. The quality and workmanship that goes into the LS430 is the best we know of in the Japanese car market. The feel of a Lexus compared to a European vehicle is very different but in a good and pleasing sense.