Toyota Avalon Engine

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The Toyota Avalon was first sold in the USA in 1995. It used the 1MZFE 3.0 liter V6 that powered the Toyota Camry. The Avalon was made as a replacement for the Toyota Cressida that was discontinued in 1992. The Cressida used a 5MGE in-line 6 cylinder while the Avalon uses a V6 front wheel drive design. The Avalon is actually taken from a stretched Toyota Camry but was not offered with the 4 cylinder 2.2 5SFE engines. The Avalon kind of blended in with the Lexus ES300 which is the luxury line built by Toyota however the Avalon did offer more leg room.



When the Avalon was introduced, it had a front bench seat and a column shifter for the transmission which was a first for Toyota since the old Toyota Corona was introduced by in 1982. This was very unusual for Toyota since most passenger cars made by Toyota has bucket seats and a floor shifter.

The second generation Avalon came to market in 2000-2004 and was just a larger automobile. It used the same 3.0 liter V6 but had VVT-i added to the upper drivetrain of the motor. This is the exact same engine as the 1999 Lexus ES300, however in 2000 Lexus made changes to the block which changed the bolt on pattern for the power steering.

The third and current generation is 2005-2012 and is a total redesign. This Avalon got larger in every way again, was less conservative with a much more modern feel. The new 2RG 3.5 liter engine uses a Dual VVT-I system and is buckled to a 5 speed sequential automatic transmission. This has helped improve both performance and fuel economy. The earlier produced Avalon used a 4 speed automatic which makes the engine work harder to deliver the same performance as an efficient 5 speed transmission.