Lexus ES350 Engine

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The Lexus ES350 came with either a used 2.4-liter engine or a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. The 2.4 4-cylinder engine was not offered in the domestic US market, only overseas. The Toyota built 3.5 V-6 engine was a very reliable well-built engine. The cylinder heads use a VVTI (variable valve train injection) that increases fuel economy and power. The 3.5 ES350 engine has more horsepower than the earlier 3.3-liter engine that was also used in the Toyota Camry.




The ES350 transmission is also very well built and gives great performance and reliability for the driver. The Camry transmission is also the same except for some sensors making the 2 transmissions the same but different. In other words, a salvage yard cannot take a transmission from a wrecked Camry and sell it for someone needing it for the ES350.

Toyota builds the Lexus ES series to compete in the midsize luxury market. They are doing very well with the modified Toyota K-platform vehicle. An interesting recall occurred when it was discovered there was an issue with the optional floor mats that were used in the cars. The mat would scoot forward and interfere with the brake and accelerator pedals causing a huge safety concern as you can imagine. Just think about going down the road and attempt to use the brakes only to find the floor mat is preventing you from applying the needed pressure to the brake pedal.

The Lexus ES350 offered plenty of high end amenities like touchscreen navigation, full leather trim, an optional Mark Levenson sound system and adaptive cruise control. A real nice function of adaptive cruise control is the ability for the vehicle to regulate its own speed on the highway. Once the cruise control is set, the vehicle will slow down if needed when approaching a car on the road.