Lexus RX 300 Engine

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The Lexus RX 300 is manufactured by Lexus and it owned by Toyota. The 2000 RX 300 3.0 engine was first in the Toyota Camry. The engine designation is a 1MZ-FE V6 motor and was put together well by Toyota. The RX 300 was offered in an all-wheel drive version and a front wheel drive also. Because of design issues, this engine requires regular oil changes or the paths where oil flows inside the engine gets clogged up easily and causes failure that is usually not repairable without a complete overhaul. Some of the overseas markets did offer a 4-cylinder 2.2 engine but us power hungry American require a 6-cylinder.


The RX 300 was produced from 1999 thru 2003. This luxury type SUV really dominated the market for years. Lexus added nice trim packages for the buyer who wanted an upgraded type vehicle. In the year 2000 the RX 300 has some subtle changes done to the exterior and interior. Lexus is well known for coming out with a new or fully redesigned vehicle every few years but in between they always make small changes to keep the vehicle feeling fresh and appealing.

The most obvious changes to the RX 300 were different type headlights, tail lights and even an upgraded high intensity type headlight. The interior had an available navigation system that ran from a DVD. Back then the DVD system was state of the art because the older CD type systems did not have enough capacity to carry all of the data on 1 disc so the user had to switch disc’s depending where you were traveling. The most current vehicles today use a hard drive which is much faster and offers more capacity than a DVD and allows the manufacture to add more options to the system. The RX 300 quickly became the bestselling vehicle for Lexus after it was brought to market.